Increase Your Skills and Develop New Strategies to Become an Entrepreneur While Studying Abroad
Edna, SAI Programs
October 16, 2018

This month Edna Wilson, Vice President of Academic Affairs, is contributing to our blog.  Here, Edna provides some tips on learning about entrepreneurship during your semester abroad.  

SAI partner schools offer a wide range of learning opportunities in one of the fastest growing educational areas by giving students access to entrepreneurs and internships with a focus on entrepreneurship.  You can develop knowledge about the global entrepreneurial marketplace by taking courses, participating in industry visits, and working on special project teams when you enroll in one of SAI’s programs.

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Do you have passion and motivation?  Do you wish you could pitch your idea to an investor?

Do you enjoy creating things or thinking about how to improve products?

Do you want to be the investor helping others to build prototypes for successful products?

Do you want to interact with entrepreneurs and find out what makes them successful?

Do you wish to build your analytical knowledge and skills?

Do you want to gain new experience in project teams and internships?

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You can do all of this while living and learning abroad in one of SAI’s exciting locations. SAI’s partner schools are located in some of Europe’s highest-ranking areas for start-up growth: Paris is ranked #3, Barcelona is #5 and Milan is #10 among all European cities.  (


You can study entrepreneurship in Paris at the Paris School of Business (PSB) or at the American University of Paris (AUP). In addition to courses at PSB, you can work on a team to develop a business plan for a new venture. Using real-life company cases, you learn how to make decisions and solve business problems confronted by European firms.


At CETT, you can foster your entrepreneurial spirit and learn about developing and running a business in the modern tourism sector. At SAI’s partner school, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) you are exposed to a global business view of Europe. Learn about creating a business at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) and gain an entrepreneurial perspective with hands-on experience in new business ventures and in emerging markets.

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At Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), develop your knowledge about strategic management in entrepreneurship. You can learn about the Italian entrepreneurial environment through case studies and have access to experts through internships.

SAI’s other locations offer a wealth of opportunities, too.


Italy’s government center and complex of universities in Rome have created an innovation network that makes the Italian capital a key location for startups (

John Cabot University’s Institute for Entrepreneurship opens the doors to the entrepreneurial world through courses, seminars and internships.  You can earn a certificate while learning how to identify business opportunities and secure the resources needed to go from idea to implementation.

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Florence University of the Arts (FUA) has a strong emphasis on experiential learning, internships, access to entrepreneurs and participation in student-run businesses. You can enroll in courses such as Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategic Decisions in Entrepreneurship. Florence’s rich artistic and cultural heritage provides constant stimulation for creative thinking.  As the birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence is a true example of innovation that has continued over the centuries.


Living and learning at the tip of the Amalfi coast is an ideal setting for learning about local businesses and area food production.  You can interact with entrepreneurs by doing an internship and enrolling in courses that explore the European Union’s business landscape and focus on entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurs use this power to develop a positive sense about themselves and in their abilities to grow ideas into successful ventures. Entrepreneurs are successful based on their knowledge of products and markets. Their power is in developing an awareness of current and future market demands, competition and other influences.   To learn more about entrepreneurship education at SAI, please complete the contact form at join a live chat.



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