Introducing our Fall 2021 Bloggers!
July 8, 2021

Each semester, SAI carefully selects a group of student bloggers.  These students are to write about their experiences abroad by producing blogs and contributing to our social media. Below is the list of our Fall 2021 student bloggers. You can check out their blog posts throughout their time abroad.  

Isaac Sloan, Florence

Home School: Colorado State University

  1. I’m a type 1 diabetic
  2. I’m an avid photographer and videographer
  3. I was born and raised in Colorado
  4. I have a four and a half year old golden retriever named Leo
  5. I’m growing my hair out so I can donate it
  6. I recently legally got a second middle name
  7. I’m passionate about sustainability and renewable energy
  8. I enjoy hiking and adventuring in new places
  9. I’m the youngest of three brothers
  10. I’ve driven to almost every state in the U.S.


Lauren Taylor, Florence

Home School: University of South Carolina

  1. I have studied 6 languages
  2. My majors are International Business and Finance
  3. My minors are Italian and Japanese
  4. I plan to live abroad once I graduate
  5. I love to cook; I like to make food from all over the world!
  6. I helped train service dogs throughout high school
  7. I love to paint
  8. I was a business calculus tutor for a semester
  9. I have one cat and his name is Jojo
  10. I play intramural soccer


Yazka Cantu, Rome

Home School: Belmont University

  1. My mom and I own and operate a mobile popsicle business in Nashville, TN!
  2. I am fluent in Spanish and an advanced French speaker.
  3. Over the summer, I have been learning how to woodwork from a vendor at our local farmers’ market.
  4. I am crafty.
  5. Being outside makes me happy.
  6. I will never say no to good food with good people
  7. Over quarantine, I remodeled a pop-up camper and I’ve spent the summer adventuring with my dog and family!
  8. I don’t like agendas — spontaneous events are always the best.
  9. I’ll try everything at least once!
  10. I hope the Italians never find out, but I shamelessly REALLY love iced coffee….


Matthew Kuperberg, Paris

Home School: The New School 

  1. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA, but I now go to college in New York, NY.
  2. I major in Jazz Piano, and I double minor in Political Science and Psychology.
  3. I have been playing the piano since I was six years old.
  4. I have performed at venues all across the United States, including Walt Disney Concert Hall, Lincoln Center, and the Newport Jazz Festival.
  5. I am the biggest Billy Joel fan; I have seen him 13 times in concert.
  6. I have interned for two members of the US House of Representatives and worked on a 2020 presidential campaign.
  7. My favorite food is sushi.
  8. I have two older brothers.
  9. I have a dog named Bayou.
  10. I cannot wait to perform at jazz clubs in Paris!


Sinclair Hall, Florence
Career Program student at FUA 
  1. I was born and raised by the Mountains.
  2. I raced bikes competitively for 6 years and was once 3rd in the state.
  3. I played the string bass for 7 years.
  4. I have never owned a car.
  5. My favorite book is the Phantom Tollbooth.
  6. My favorite movie is Pan’s Labyrinth.
  7. My idols are Kanye West, Audrey Hepburn, and Marcel Duchamp
  8. It’s a good thing I have in mind for art because I surly don’t have one for spelling and grammar.
  9. I will never turn down a chance to explore something new.
  10. I’m going to be the first designer on Mars.


Carly Brister, Rome

Home School: University of South Carolina

  1. I am a Political Science and Media Arts double major
  2. I work as a waitress and bartender
  3. I am a journalist for art, film, and culture for The Garnette Report magazine
  4. I have been skydiving
  5. I grew up in Texas before moving to New York
  6. I hosted a French exchange student in high school
  7. I have an Etsy shop where I sell art
  8. I love trying new restaurants and food
  9. I love zombie movies!
  10. I’ve always wanted to speak another language fluently


Trenedy Hayden, Florence

Home School: Winthrop University

  1. My parents got my name inspiration from The Matrix.
  2. I’m from Lancaster, South Carolina
  3. I go to school at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC.
  4. I’m a fine art major who disciplines painting but also does sculpture and video.
  5. Italy has always been one of my top places to travel to because I won’t experience the culture, art, and food.
  6. I work at a bakery and spend most of the workday eating baked goods, food, and drinking coffee.
  7. I love making art that is interdisciplinary and combines different types of art forms through an installation.
  8. I’m a foodie. I love testing new restaurants, trying recipes, and going to food festivals.
  9. I like bbq. At one point in time, one of my favorite shows was BBQ Pitmasters. Since my family loves the show so much, we would have rib competitions at my house.
  10. My go-to comfort show is Lilo and Stitch: The Series.

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