A Joyous Day of Kayaking
Frances, Sorrento, Fall 2017
October 12, 2017

In Sorrento, you can walk out the back door of the school and end up at the beach within five minutes. The only reason it takes so long is due to the picturesque winding path you must take to get to the bottom of the hill! After class on a weekday, a few of us decided to go kayaking and it was so easy!

Kayaking the Bay on a bright, sunny day

We rented the kayaks for an hour, but I never dreamed I would be so taken aback by the experience. Obviously I had been swimming in the water before, but the views from the middle of the bay are indescribable. We passed by some gorgeous jellyfish in the crystal teal water and I have never felt so close to paradise. By the time we had to turn around, we never wanted to go back on land.

Another beautiful view

There is beauty around every corner, in every single day here. Even though the temperature is beginning to reflect Fall a bit more, while the sun is shining you can still have a beautiful beach day. Even if it is cold, I would still recommend taking a ride on a kayak, away from the land, into paradise.

Frances is a Fall 2017 SAI Sorrento student from Belmont University.

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