Lose Yourself and You Will Find Your Way
Abbey, SAI Ambassador
October 11, 2017

Take the trip, embrace the un-comfortability, enjoy the bewilderment-study abroad!

Studying abroad may have been the most difficult thing I have ever done. 21 years of figuring life out, myself out and now a new culture is an incredible adventure. To step away from all that is familiar, to acknowledge that you will get lost mentally, emotionally and physically but that it will grow you in ways you could never imagine is daunting. After a couple weeks in the beautiful location known as Florence, Italy I am less afraid and regaining pieces of myself I thought would be lost in the United States forever.

Take me back…

Being in a situation where in order to save time, effort and my roommate’s energy involves being outgoing, assertive and confident in uncertain situations has turned out to be the absolute best scenario. I love it. I love walking in the rain knowing its on the streets of Italy. I love the puzzle of streets that could lead anywhere but often times end at the safe haven known as The Duomo. I love the different language filling my ears, the raw boldness used walking down the streets. The uncertainty of who is around the next corner. Gucci, Prada, Valentino, you give me life on my longest walks. Even in the most unfamiliar places we find objects to cling to, people to relate to and places to become accustomed to.

Can you spot the Duomo from afar?

Home truly is where the heart is and when we open our heart to the culture and lifestyle of others we are given a priceless gift. Be scared, intimidated and get completely lost because it is there, this state of aimless cluelessness we find our strength. Find your home away from home, study abroad! Despite the voice in your head that says “but it will be hard.” Nothing good comes to those who wait. Good comes to those who proactively reach for that which seems the most intimidating. To learn more about this sacred awe-inspiring building follow this link and engulf yourself in all that is The Duomo. Don’t shoot for the stars, shoot for the Duomo.

Abbey is an SAI Ambassador from Lasell College.  She studied at SAI Florence in spring 2017.

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