My SAI Moment: Birthday Edition
Kolbyn, SAI Ambassador
October 10, 2017

We asked SAI alumna Kolbyn to tell us about her SAI Moment, a defining moment in her study abroad experience.

My SAI Moment has to be my birthday in Brussels, Belgium. I turned 21 in the city of waffles, fries, chocolate, beer, and lace with some pretty rad people. We were functioning on a small amount of sleep and a large amount of wonder, which is often contradictory, but not in Brussels! Aside from having loaded waffles and fries with the most amazing mustard that I will never forget the taste of, the city with a floral carpet made a great impression upon me. I got to be in charge of some of our plans in Brussels, which was super intimidating.

This is the most beautiful pictures of fries you will ever see. This was only the first round of fries!

I just happened to notice that there was this event going on, the day we were there. Museum Night Fever is basically a city-wide museum-hopping extravaganza. There were 20-some museums participating. I am a huge history and art buff, so this was perfect for my birthday, and I got to drag along everyone else with me. At each museum, there were hands-on activities, live music, live painting, fashion shows, and so much more. I remember the moment the clock stroke midnight and I gained a year, I was in the Museum of Costume and Lace, which is perfect because I am studying fashion and it just happens to be my passion!

This is me and some lovely waffles with strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.

We wandered the streets of Brussels after that to the Museum Night Fever after-party, but made a stop along the way. We found the most perfect view of Brussels, which is where I had a realization of where I was and how awesome my entire experience had been so far. Brussels was one of my favorite places to visit and I honestly want to go back again so badly!

This is me sitting in front of the palace. I loved how there was so much gold detail in everything in Brussels, including the palace.

Kolbyn is an SAI Ambassador at Kansas State University. She studied abroad in SAI Milan in spring 2017.

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