Make a Wish!
Peyton, Rome, Spring 2018
February 7, 2018

When people say, “time flies when you’re having fun,” they weren’t kidding.  I have been in Rome almost one month and it still feels like a brand-new place.  Everywhere I turn I “accidentally” stumble upon something incredible.

One of the beautiful doors in Rome

Last week, we were walking to dinner one night and we turned the corner and oops, there was the Trevi Fountain. That’s so casual, right? Shoot took a wrong turn—wait that’s the Colosseum. I’m pretty sure I’m living a movie this semester.  Speaking of the Trevi Fountain, I have to do a sappy blog post. It will be short and sweet, but since I have my own blog about my travels, I’m allowed AT LEAST one sappy blog post so here it goes:

That night we stumbled upon the Trevi Fountain was surreal. You don’t expect it to just hit you out of nowhere. It literally is attached to the backside of a very inconspicuous old building. This is also huge, and the under lighting is incredible. It’s honestly closer to a waterfall then fountain. Anyway, I digress. SO here I am standing at this iconic monument and everyone’s kissing and laughing and taking pictures and of course they are throwing coins into the fountain. I wanted to throw one too (since that’s like what you’re supposed to do, right) but then I thought about what I would wish for…and I couldn’t think of one thing. My life is pretty DANG amazing right now: my family and friends are all healthy and safe, I’m healthy, I already have an internship lined up this summer, I go to an amazing university, my abroad friends are great, I can eat bread in Italy, and I’m in Rome! Honestly what else could I ask for?

Gelato + me!

So, there it is my one designated sappy study abroad post. While that might be the most cookie cutter thing I’ve ever written, it honestly couldn’t be truer.

My new friends and me in Rome

Peyton is a spring 2018 SAI Rome student from the University of South Carolina.  You can follow the rest of her adventures in Rome at:

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  1. Love hearing about your adventures! Great post Pey!!

    by Brooke on February 7, 2018 at 11:30 am

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