Meet our Blogger: Sabina
Sabina, Siena, Spring 2015
November 12, 2014

Sabina was selected as an SAI scholarship recipient and blogger for the Spring 2015 term. She is a current student at Muhlenberg College studying at Siena Italian Studies (SIS) in Siena, Italy during the Spring 2015 term.

Sabina Muccigrosso - Spring 2015 - Siena

Tell us why you chose to study abroad.
I chose to study abroad because I knew it was a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a different country for an extended amount of time as well as to become fluent in Italian.

Tell us about your school, major, interests, clubs (you in a nutshell).
I am involved in many things, including America Reads, peer tutoring, Habitat for Humanity and Class Council. I am a psychology major with an anthropology major and love going on archaeological digs. I hope to become a social worker after Muhlenberg.

What are you most excited about re. studying abroad?
I am most excited about living a very Italian lifestyle, traveling and just being in the culture of Italy.

What are you most nervous about re. studying abroad?
I am very nervous about being away from home for so long without knowing anyone.

What are three goals that you would like to achieve/accomplish while abroad?

  1. To become fluent
  2. Travel all around Europe
  3. Bond with my host family

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