Meet Our Spring 2018 Scholarship Recipients
November 30, 2017

Each semester, SAI carefully selects a group of student bloggers.  These students are to write about their experiences abroad by producing blogs and contributing to our social media.  
Below is the list of our Spring 2019 student bloggers.  You can check out their blog posts throughout their time abroad.  

Alexandra Lehnhard, Paris 

Home school: University of Alabama

1. I am a major nerd when it comes to most things (history, books, the Theory of Relativity, etc).
2. I moved around a lot as a kid.
3. I have a five year old brother and people thought he was my baby when he was born (awkward).
4. I’m from Virginia, go to school in Alabama, and work in Wisconsin.
5. I have the cutest rescue kitty in the world that fetches like a dog (we think she’s confused).
6. I am the mom of my friend group.
7. I’m an accounting and finance major, but I feel like I have more of a creative calling.
8. My trip to Paris will be my first overseas.
9. I have a serious Target problem, and I can’t leave the store without spending at least $20.
10. I drive a little green Prius nicknamed Yoda. 

Alli Lausch, Florence 

Home school: University of South Carolina

1.       I am a Carolina Gamecock majoring in Fashion Merchandising and will also graduate from the Honors College.
2.       I am an ambassador for my college and really enjoying sharing my experiences and convincing potential students to become Gamecocks.
3.       I love to crochet and have made things ranging from scarves to stuffed Minions.
4.       My favorite hobby is sleeping.
5.       I’m obsessed with cookie dough.
6.       However, if it was possible (and healthy) to eat pasta for every meal, I would.
7.       My birthday is on pi day.
8.       My Uber rider rating is 4.87.
9.       I have worked for two American fashion houses within the last 6 months and it has been the greatest experience of my life.
10.   One of the highlights of my current internship was passing Josh Radnor on the street while running an errand (How I Met Your Mother is my favorite show).

Angela Krieg, London

Home school: Rochester Institute of Technology

1. I can turn my foot completely around
2. I have an obsession with fairy tales and fables
3. I am allergic to junk food
4. I love trying new teas
5. I have never been out of the country before Spring 2018
6. My least favorite type of food is American food
7. I’ve been cooking since I was five years old
8. I learned to read through reading comics
9.  I have written a story with a friend that is over 3,000 pages
10. I love heights

Andrew Co, Barcelona 

Home school: University of South Carolina

1. I was born in the Philippines and grew up there until I was 9.
2. I have been to 15 countries but never to Spain (where I am studying abroad).
3. I want to work for the NFL after I graduate.
4. I made it through the last 6 weeks of this past semester on $40 total (I survived solely on bananas, eggs, and free food giveaways on-campus)
5. I am the only one from my graduating class of 500+ from Seattle, WA to go to my college, the University of South Carolina.
6. I never learned how to play tackle football until 4th grade, and I played every year through high school.
7. I eat an unhealthy amount of peanut butter and calzones- but not together!
8. I have been on the executive board of my fraternity for 4 semesters.
9. I love to stand up paddleboard, I was a private instructor this past summer
10. No one whips a Razor scooter around like I do.

Caroline Arcangeli, Florence 

Home school: University of Central Florida

  1. I was born and raised in Florida. 
  2. Studying abroad will be my first time out of the country.
  3. I will be receiving a Bachelors of Science in Photography in December 2019. 
  4. I am infatuated with film photography.
  5. My father is an Italian chef who spent the early part of his life in a little costal town 4 hours south of Florence, Italy.  
  6. I love crime tv shows.
  7. I once had to get 6 stitches on my knee because I tripped walking up the stairs. 
  8. My ideal job would be to run a lifestyle travel site or work as a photographer for a magazine. 
  9. This summer my best friend and I decided to drive cross country to move her home from college.
  10. I love traveling and discovering new places and immersing myself into different cultures.

Chantal Marie Ysip,  Rome 

Home school: St. Mary’s College of California

  1. I am a first-generation college student, meaning both of my parents have not attended/graduated from a 4-year college institution
  2. I can rap the whole intro by heart to Nicki Minaj’s song Super Bass and Nicki Minaj’s verse in Trey Songz’ song Bottoms Up
  3. I love to watch basketball and I am a big Golden State Warriors fan
  4. Childish Gambino was the first concert I have ever been to and the tickets were super cheap because he was still an upcoming artist
  5. I like to shred the gnar with my snowboard
  6. I have a sock fettish, especially when it comes to socks that have cute patterns/prints
  7. Kendrick Lamar is one of my favorite artists because he tells stories through his music
  8. I love to eat Poke and sushi
  9. Pit bulls are my favorite dogs
  10. I enjoy going to spoken word/slam poetry performances and I also write spoken word poetry during my free time.

Erin Rose-Innes, Florence 

Home school: College of Charleston

  1. I am originally from South Africa and have family all over the world (Paris, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, among others!) 
  2. I am a marketing major and a psychology minor at the College of Charleston, and love living in the middle of a city and being right near the beach. 
  3. I have a lot of interest in art (creating it, learning about it, and appreciating it) and am super excited to experience so much of it in Florence in the Spring! 
  4. I spontaneously participated in the 2016 New York Bridal Fashion Week for a local Charleston designer and it was an amazing experience.
  5. I enjoy doing graphic design in my spare time and would love to incorporate it into a potential career one day. 
  6. I went to a Drake concert in high school and ended up getting a picture with Drake’s dad. He posted it to his Instagram and it is my closest ties to fame (@therealdennisg).
  7. Pasta is my favorite food of all time, so I am going to go nuts for it in Italy.
  8. I played competitive volleyball for over seven years and enjoy staying active.
  9. Number 6 is actually not totally true, I once met Zach Galifianakis at the restaurant I work at and turns out he may like pasta as much as I do.
  10. I am strangely good at parallel parking.

Gabriella Green, Florence

Home school: St. Mary’s College of California

  1. I am a third year Biochemistry major.
  2. I have wanted to be an anesthesiologist since I was five.
  3. Later in my life I want to serve through Doctors Without Borders.
  4. I love running (I run half and full marathons).
  5. I am the youngest of four; I only have brothers.
  6. I thoroughly enjoy cooking and baking.
  7. At home I have two dogs, two cats, two pigs, and nine chickens.
  8. I have lived on both sides of the US (Northern and Southern California, and North Carolina).
  9.  I am the first person in my family to study abroad.
  10. I really enjoy watching Bob’s Burgers.

Geraldine Galvis, Rome 

Home school: Suffolk University

1. I was born in Boston MA and my family are from Venezuela.
2. I know 3 languages: English, Spanish, and intermediate in American Sign Language.
3. My favorite food is any sushi.
4. I am an only child
5. I want to become a lawyer and then a future judge.
6. I love to travel and I went to Madrid with some friends last year for spring break
7. My favorite movie is Bronx Tale and this past summer I saw it on Broadway
8. My favorite color is purple
9. I am a combination of an early bird and night owl
10. I love coffee and I have at least two cups a day.

Kristen Hiemstra, Florence  

Home school: Colorado State University

  1. Upon graduation, I want to go to medical school and am interested in doing residency in either pediatrics, dermatology or family medicine!
  2. My favorite food is bread—any kind, any way.
  3. I am a soccer coach for 3-6 year olds and absolutely love my job!
  4. I love to travel and my goal is to visit every continent!
  5. I am very punctual and hate to be late—I was even born exactly on my due date, October 17th.
  6. The Lumineers are my favorite band.
  7. I can’t roll my tongue.
  8. The mountains are where I feel happiest and hope to live in Vail, Colorado someday.
  9. I am obsessed with my yellow lab Lily.
  10. My favorite show of all-time is Grey’s Anatomy.

Krystal Ortiz, Rome 

Home school: Point Loma Nazarene University

  1. I am an Accounting major.
  2. My favorite movie is “The Blind Side”
  3. I have never broken a bone.
  4. I helped to rescue my cat.
  5. I am allergic to my cat.
  6. I played basketball since I was 7.
  7. I play the music for the indoor sporting events at my school.
  8. My parents are from two different countries.
  9. I get weird bumps when its super cold.
  10. My mom is 6 inches taller than my dad.

Lauren Roderigues, Florence 

Home school: Emmanuel College

  1. I love photography including film and polaroid.
  2. I am a junior at Emmanuel College.
  3. I am  a graphic design major.  
  4. I play Field Hockey. 
  5. I love to sketch and write. 
  6. I live in Boston.
  7. I love to take self portraits.
  8. I have a dog, her name is ginger and she is a yellow lab.
  9. I am an Aries.
  10. I love to spend time with my friends at the MFA, campus or our favorite coffee shops in the city. 

Lidia Serrano, Florence 

Home school: University of Central Florida

  1. I was born in Cuba but moved to the states when I was two years old. I haven’t been able to visit but I would love to go and learn more about my birthplace.
  2. I have a Yorkie named Tico who is the sassiest little boy I know but he means the world to me and I’m really going to miss him when I go abroad.
  3. I sang in my high school’s choir and some of the coolest places we’ve gotten to sing at include St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican and Carnegie Hall in New York City!
  4. I love going to concerts. Especially when they’re in intimate sized venues which really allows you to connect with the artists and those around you.
  5. This is a weird one – I was born without wisdom teeth. Everyone scoffs in disbelief when I tell them but my dentist can assure you I don’t have any.
  6. I really enjoy spending some of my free time reading up on skin care, makeup, fashion, and movies/TV. Eventually, I hope to use my public relations major to find a career in either category.
  7. I accidentally met One Republic with my best friend while in line for the bathroom at the Hard Rock in Universal! It turned out that we weren’t in the bathroom line, but in fact the meet and greet line.
  8. My first job ever was working for Disney at a store in Disney Springs. It was quite a tiring job, but I met some of the coolest people and I got all the cast member perks, which was a major score.
  9. I love making others laugh and being able to bond with people through humor. Laughing is my favorite medicine, and sport because a really good laugh will engage your core.
  10. My family is everything to me. Their love and support has allowed me to achieve so much, and without their hard work I would not be where I am today.

Love Aridou, Florence 

Home school: Massachusetts College of Art & Design

  1. I was born in Port au Prince, Haiti.
  2. I like going to matinees alone and watching whatever is the next film playing.
  3. I helped reform a Black Artists Union at my Home University.
  4. I love to paint.
  5. I sang at the Vatican when I was sixteen.
  6. I love all foods spicy.
  7. I love all gummy candies and nothing else.
  8. I am a middle child.
  9. I like taking naps in the sun.  
  10. I really value collaborating with my community.  


Mary Britt Marsh, Florence 

Home school: University of South Carolina

  1. This is my first time going to Europe 
  2. This is my first time traveling alone 
  3. I’ve been on a mission trip to Costa Rica 
  4. I’ve been snorkeling in Mexico 
  5. I was a cheerleader for 13 years 
  6. My favorite kind of food is Italian 
  7. I plan on skydiving in Switzerland while abroad 
  8. I am obsessed with chocolate 
  9. I am in the sorority delta delta delta 
  10. I love dogs more than anything


Piper Robb, Siena 

Home school: Kansas State University

1. I am a Junior studying Economics.
2. In addition to studying Italian, I have studied Spanish for 2 years, Koine Greek for 2 years, and Latin for 6 years.
3. I have traveled to 10 different countries, and I can wait to add more to the list.
4. Winter is my favorite season.
5. I am a voracious reader and Pride and Prejudice, Les Miserables, Hamlet, and Much Ado About Nothing are some of my favorite books.
6. I love drinking the strongest coffee I can find.
7. My favorite dessert is tiramisù.
8. I like studying Ancient Greek and Roman history.
9. I am a huge Star Wars fan.
10. I play violin and piano and have been playing both for 15 years.


Rachel Kim, Florence 

Home school: University of Missouri

  1. I am majoring in Journalism with an emphasis in Strategic Communications, and minoring in Textile and Apparel Management at Mizzou!
  2. Before I came to college, I lived in Washington DC. I adore Georgetown and cherry blossom season in DC.
  3. New York is my favorite city, and in February of 2017 I did a week long New York Fashion Week internship which was one of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had.
  4. I am a huge fan of Harry Potter! The 4th movie (Goblet of Fire) is my favorite!
  5. I love photography. It is a hobby that I definitely want to learn more about and do more with!
  6. I am a member of the Chi Omega sorority! It’s probably one of the things I’m going to miss the most while studying abroad.
  7. My future career would have to entail working with a bunch of creative people that are great influencers.
  8. I can speak fluent Korean. I speak it with my parents at home.
  9. Senior year of High School I got to meet and interview the Editor in Chief of Glamour Magazine, who graduated from my high school. She is incredible and gave me some awesome advice on the industry I hope to work in one day.  
  10. I tore my ACL this past October, and I will be travelling in a knee brace the whole time I’m abroad! Some people might think that will be a pain but I’m actually pretty excited to see what I get out of this rather unique experience!

Sarah Honaker, Florence 

Home school: Carroll University

1) I have a 4month old kitten named Binx after the cat in the movie Hocus Pocus
2) I am an art major but I also really love trigonometry
3) I love professional soccer
4) My first theater production was when I was the musical Legally Blonde as sophomore in college
5) I moved to the state of Michigan last summer to be a camp counselor
6) If I could live off of apples and crunchy peanut butter I would
7) I love being surrounded by trees and forests
8) Rainy days are my favorite days
9) I could drink coffee at any time of the day
10) I’m always excited to meet new people

Willa Pittman, Florence

Home school: University of Wisconsin-Madison

  1. I’m from the Lower East Side of New York City
  2. I’ve lived in both Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York
  3. I go to University of Wisconsin-Madison and my major is interior architecture with a focus in art history
  4. I have a large extended family and many live in La Jolla, CA, where I grew up spending the summers
  5. My dad is an artist and my grandpa is an art historian so I grew up going to many museums and loving art
  6. I work at the campus art museum at my school and help to hang changing exhibits
  7. I love food and cooking and volunteer at an organization on my campus that prepares affordable meals with local ingredients for the public.
  8. In high school I was a co-leader of the women’s empowerment club
  9. I spent a summer in Nicaragua living with a host family and practicing Spanish
  10. The past two summers I’ve interned at an Architecture firm in NYC


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