My Time Abroad
Sabrina, SAI Ambassador
August 8, 2018

We recently caught up with SAI Ambassador Sabrina,  who answers some short follow-up questions from her time in Barcelona.  

 The Sagradia Familia in Barcelona

What was your favorite class abroad and why?

My favorite class abroad was the Political Economy of European Integration. I liked this class because it gave me a whole new perspective on the history of how the EU became the EU and I feel like it gave me a new perspective on the political system of the EU. Having grown up learning mostly about the U.S. system of government, it was interesting to learn about the EU and get the background on it.

Watching the Sunset in Lisbon, Portugal

What did you learn about yourself when you were abroad? How have you changed?

I learned how to be more independent and was more confident about traveling and getting around Barcelona than I expected to be within the first month. I think since being abroad I am way more independent with having those experiences abroad that made me more confident in myself.

 The Sagrada Familia

How has studying abroad changed/shaped your future career goals?

Studying abroad has made me want to have a more international focus on my future career. I have always wanted to practice law and be an attorney, but now I can definitely see myself having a career within law that allows me to travel or work within the field of international relations.

At the cliffs of Moher in Dublin, Ireland

Sabrina was a spring 2018 SAI Barcelona student from the University of Alabama.

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