New Scholarship Application Deadlines
August 30, 2017

Mark your calendars, we have new scholarship application deadlines!

Fall sessions: June 1
Spring sessions: October 15
Summer sessions: March 15

Scholarship FAQs

When will I know if my scholarship application is complete?
You will receive an email when we have a complete application on record. If you have not received an email entitled “Your application is complete” make sure you email us at to figure out what’s missing (do so a few days before the deadline to make sure it’s not too late).

My professor is out of town and won’t make the deadline, can I get an extension?
To make the process fair for everyone, we cannot accept late application items. Please make sure you give your professor ample time – and send him or her a reminder a few days prior to the deadline.

Any tips for the essay?
Be creative! We love essays that really show your individuality. What inspires you? What challenges have you overcome? How do you think studying abroad will help your future? Also, it’s helpful if you provide context for any financial need.

I didn’t fill out the FAFSA, am I still eligible?
You sure are. We award our scholarships based on need and merit, with a stronger emphasis on need. Some of our scholarships get just a few eligible applicants, though, so don’t shy away.

When will I find out if I was awarded a scholarship?
You will receive an email 15 days after the application deadline noting whether you were awarded a scholarship or not.

For more information on SAI scholarships, see Scholarships. Questions? Contact us at

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