Positano and Capri
Cleary, Florence, Spring 2017
April 26, 2017

This weekend I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Amalfi coast and explore the towns of Positano, Capri, Anacapri, and Pompeii. I have to say I was not too excited to begin with because my good friend could no longer make the trip with me so I had to venture solo. I considered losing my money and skipping it all together, but thankfully I decided to go because it ended up being a trip of a lifetime.

Enjoying all of Positano…the sun, lemons, colors, and sea! Oh my!!

The Amalfi coast was so much more gorgeous than I could have imagined with the bluest water I have ever seen and stunning towns built into the cliffs. I lucked out with the weather and with the people. Instantly I made friends with my roommates in the hostel and we hung out the entire trip: lounging on the beach, slurping granitas, hiking Capri, boating on the Mediterranean, and feasting in Sorrento. All in all, whether this weekend was luck or not, I think it’s only possible to feel full happiness in the Amalfi. The sun, sea, and people are so wonderful and uplifting.

Pure happiness

I could not be more thankful to experience the richness of culture and beauty of the Mediterranean this weekend. If you don’t already have the Amalfi coast on your travel plans, I suggest you consider adding it, even if it means making a solo trip. The Amalfi is well worth it!!

Blue, blue, blue

Cleary is a spring 2017 SAI Florence student from UC Berkeley.

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