Relaxing in Rome: 3 Ways to De-stress From Deadlines and Classes When Studying Abroad in Rome
Marta, Spring 2023, Rome
March 31, 2023

Studying abroad is an incredible experience, but that does not mean it will not come without its challenges. It is completely normal to feel overwhelmed by living in a new place, coursework, exam weeks, or anything else that life may bring. Here are three things you can do to de-stress when studying abroad in the wonderful city of Rome.

1. Go for a walk along River Tiber
Right by Trastevere, River Tiber meanders through Rome. There are several bridges crossing over the river where you can get beautiful pictures of the city. You can also find stairways that lead down to the riverside trails where people are always walking, jogging, biking, or even just sitting by the river. Getting outside for some exercise in the fresh air can be a perfect way to relax after classes with friends or by yourself.

A picture I took of River Tiber in between classes.

2. Explore an art museum
It is no secret that Rome is full of art and history. Almost every corner that you turn you can find a new monument or museum to explore (and some of the coolest museums are off the beaten path!). Just taking a moment to appreciate the quiet of a museum and the stories you can get lost in through paintings, sculptures, drawings, music, and architecture can completely reset your day.

Studying sculptures in a museum with my sketchbook class.

3. Visit the Orto Botanico di Roma
The botanical gardens of Rome are a beautiful and serene place. The grounds are filled with incredible natural scenery and are located on a hill facing views of the city. It is the perfect location for a peaceful sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of a big city like Rome. Visiting the gardens and sitting down on a bench to enjoy the calming atmosphere can be a perfect remedy for a stressful week.

A rainy day in the Orto Botanico with friends.

Stress is inevitable, especially as a student, but taking a step back from everything and giving yourself time to be in the present will help you get through those tough exam weeks and deadlines.

Written by Marta Zalewski, Spring 2023 student in Rome from Colorado State University.

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