Rome Will Forever be a Part of Me
Amber, Rome, Fall 2014
December 15, 2014

Amber Lopez - Rome - Fall 14

AS Roma soccer game

Amber Lopez - Rome - Fall 14

Tiber River

I am down to the final weeks of studying abroad in Rome, and I have mixed feelings. I am so excited to go back home and share my experiences with my family and friends, but I am sad to leave Rome at the same time. I have learned so much studying abroad both about myself and about their culture. Before coming here, I was nervous to be away from my family and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to adapt to a new environment. However, I surprised myself throughout this semester. Studying abroad has challenged me in ways no other experience could challenge me, and even though, I had some rough times here and there, I always overcame them. I have become so much stronger and independent here as well. Most of the time I had to depend on myself whether I had to buy my own groceries, do my laundry, clean and cook, or plan trips, I had to do things on my own. Adapting to a new place with new people and new values was difficult to adjust to, but I spent the first month here getting to know Rome. Rome is full of life and culture and the people here embrace who they are and the love for the city. I aspired to be just like a local not a tourist, and throughout my months here, I feel like I am a part of Rome.

Amber Lopez - Rome - Fall 14

The Colosseum

Amber Lopez - Rome - Fall 14

Opera House

I feel like this semester will impact my future in a big way. With any future endeavors, I can easily adapt to any environment which is an important skill to have because you never know if you’re going to travel or do multicultural negotiations. I can learn about new cultures and embrace them as well as apply them to my life. With the Italian culture, I am definitely embracing how Italians see time. They see time as everlasting. They take pleasure in seizing the moment and have long conversations about anything and everything. I worry so much about school and the future, but from now on, I am going to worry less and enjoy life. It’s important to have fun and take pleasure in every moment, and Italians have taught me that. Rome will forever be a part of me, and I will never forget what I have learned here. I am not saying good bye to Rome just yet because I know I will be back, so Rome I will see you soon and I will miss you tremendously. Thank you for showing me what I am capable of.

Amber Lopez - Rome - Fall 14

cooking lesson


Amber is a current student at Pace University studying at John Cabot University (JCU) in Italy during the Fall 2014 term.


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