SAI’s Summer Intern’s Update
July 29, 2013

Nicole was selected as our SAI Summer Intern. Below she talks about her last 2 weeks at SAI’s main office in Sebastopol, California.

Four weeks into my internship and I find myself feeling very comfortable at SAI. While I started my time here on the wrong foot with my neck injury, my days have begun to feel routine. Each day I arrive at the office around 9:15. I throw my lunch in the refrigerator and make myself a morning coffee before I set in on work for the first half of the day.

I recently have been working on updates to the SAI website. My first time working with the website was awesome. I had the pleasure of updating and editing the photo galleries. I wish I had the time and ability to adventure on all of the programs SAI offers. I enjoyed acting like I was a prospective student while I created the galleries.

I feel that I have become more familiar with details and specifics of the SAI programs while looking through pictures. I have a better understanding of why each program is unique in what it offers—I also found my mouth watering while looking at any picture of food in the Italy program photos.

Speaking of food, when lunch at the office rolls around at 12:30 I am always very happy to dig in. The office has been a bit quiet lately at lunchtime with many staff members out on vacation. I have slowly become lazy about packing lunch in the morning—something I regret. Whole Foods has a great salad bar, but it can be so pricey!

I also have been working on updating the information on Domus Academy in Milan on the website. It really got me thinking about finding the “perfect” program when looking into studying abroad. With the myriad of programs out there, it can be intimidating when trying to choose. I spent Spring 2012 in Rome studying through SAI. Upon returning home, I instantly began to figure out how I would be able to spend more time in Italy before graduation. After a lot of research online—as well as many conversations I had in the Center for International Programs on my campus—I ultimately decided I wanted to return to SAI and study at Florence University of the Arts.

While my first semester abroad in Rome was nothing short of amazing, I am becoming very eager to see what Florence has to offer. I have done my reading, research and study of the language—something that I hope will help me feel comfortable in Florence from day one so I can hit the ground running. Culture shock can hold students back from experiences while they adjust to a new environment—I am hoping to avoid this feeling.

The SAI team has been very helpful in preparing me to head to Florence. Many of them have spent time there and have a list of recommendations to give me. At this point I should be set for a week or so with things to do and restaurants I should not be missing out on!

With one week left in the SAI office and 21 days (not that I am counting…) until my departure to Italy, I can easily say I am left with a bittersweet feeling. I have really enjoyed my time spent here for a lot of reasons and will be sad to go; however, I think being here has made me really antsy to be back in Italia.

The countdown to departure continues!


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