SCOPE Summer 2020 Programs Have Been Announced!
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December 5, 2019

Summer is a time to explore, to create, to make new friends and memories. And if you’re like most students, summer is a valuable time to get ahead in your studies.

Instead of staying on campus next summer, we invite you to step outside of your comfort zone and discover two incredible European cities with our SCOPE programs.

SCOPE (multi-city) programs combine two of our wonderful summer programs into one incredible experience. You’ll delve into two cities, two universities, two cultures, and maybe even two languages!

We are excited to share our SCOPE offerings for Summer 2020:

Photo by Sarrina Suer, Fall 2019

SCOPE A (Italy): Sant’Anna Institute & John Cabot University
Start your summer on the pristine Amalfi coast studying at Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy! After you’ve soaked up enough sun, you’ll move onto Rome to continue your studies in the Eternal City at John Cabot University.

Program highlights:

  • Both schools offer internships
  • Experience one big city + one smaller town

Highlighted areas of study: humanities, history, fine art, business administration, global studies, and liberal arts

SCOPE B (Spain & Italy): Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona & Florence University of the Arts
Bolster your international business resumé with courses from these highly regarded universities! You’ll start off in Barcelona, a city known for entrepreneurial innovation, and move on to Florence, the economic center of Tuscany.

Program highlights:

  • Immerse yourself in two Mediterranean business climates
  • Study alongside local students at UAB and take advantage of the global community at FUA

Highlighted areas of study: business administration, marketing, finance, global studies, fine art, and culture studies

SCOPE C (Italy): Syracuse Academy & Florence University of the Arts
From south to north, this program will give you a comprehensive overview of Italian culture and history. You’ll start off on the coast of Sicily in Syracuse, a city famous for its rich Greek history. Then you’ll head north to Florence to experience how the birthplace of the Renaissance has transformed into a bustling metropolitan center.

Program highlights:

  • Experience northern and southern Italy
  • Take advantage of Syracuse Academy’s field learning courses (so many trips!)

Highlighted areas of study: Italian language, business, global studies, history, fashion, liberal arts, humanities, communication, and marketing

SCOPE D (France & Italy): American University of Paris & Florence University of the Arts
A fashionista’s dream! You’ll start your adventure in the City of Lights, one of the fashion capitols of the world, studying at AUP. Next you’ll trade baguettes for gelato as you move onto Florence, the metropolitan center of Tuscany.

Program highlights:

  • Both locations offer homestays with a local family (additional fee)
  • Experience a national capitol city and a regional capitol city

Highlights areas of study: fashion, journalism, global studies, art history, international business, and communication

SCOPE E (Italy): Syracuse Academy + Sant’Anna Institute
Beach-lovers rejoice! This combination will keep you on the coast all summer long! First you’ll dive into an Italian language course in the ancient city of Syracuse, located on the coast of Sicily. More sun and sand await you in Sorrento, where you will conclude your studies at Sant’Anna Institute.

Program highlights:

  • Gain a deep cultural understanding of Southern Italy
  • Get more one-on-one attention at these smaller institutes
  • Focus on experiential learning

Highlighted areas of study: Italian language, humanities, history, global studies, and business administration

SCOPE F (Italy & Spain): Florence University of the Arts & CETT Tourism, Hospitality, and Gastronomy
Set yourself apart in the Hospitality industry by studying at these two esteemed institutions. FUA offers experiential learning opportunities while CETT uses their innovative education model to propel students toward their future, truly a winning combination!

Program highlights:

  • Emphasis on hands-on learning
  • Explore two southern European countries in one summer

Highlighted areas of study: hospitality, gastronomy, tourism management, event management, and business administration

Photo by Ashley McDew, Fall 2019

Photo by Lauren Bosway, Fall 2017

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