Unreal Experience
Alyssa, Rome, Spring 2012
March 1, 2012

So I have been in Roma for seven weeks now and it just keeps getting more and more amazing. I am now able to navigate the city on my own, for the most part. The weather is just starting to get gorgeous and I try to spend every waking minute outside exploring the city. Although I understand I am here to get an academic education as well as a cultural one, it is tough to concentrate in class when it is so beautiful outside. On the other hand, my Italian has improved greatly since I have been here. Speaking of classes, as midterms are quickly approaching it is hitting me that I am halfway through my abroad experience and that is a very scary reality.

Last week I took a cooking class through SAI and had the best time. We learned to cook gnocchi and meatballs from scratch. I ate way too much but enjoyed every second of it. Also, the past two weekends I traveled to Paris and Prague. In Paris I met up with twelve of my sorority sisters who are studying in Florence. Reuniting in another country with twelve of my best friends was such a surreal experience. The Czech Republic was so cool and different from Italy. It gave me a great perspective of Eastern Europe, the culture and overall way of life. It has been a treat to be able to travel through Europe so cheaply and experience other countries and cultures with my friends who are not necessarily studying in Rome with me. This has been and will continue to be the most unreal experience of my entire life! Thanks SAI!!!!

Alyssa – Indiana University, Bloomington

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