February in Rome
Cristina, Rome, Spring 2013
April 6, 2013

Where did the month of February go? One more month that has gone through, which means that I have less time in Rome and I do not like that. This month I traveled to Venice and Florence and I have also spent a lot of time studying and doing school work. I went to Venice the first weekend of February for carnavale and I absolutely loved the city. I got to see the different mask contests and got to see very cool outfits. I was impressed to see more carnavale masks than anything else in the whole city, it was very crowded but it was very fun too. I had a nice meal and I even enjoyed some cool music since there was a dj playing in Piazza San Marco that night. When visiting Italy, Venice is a must. I wish I could go back soon! My trip to Florence was very nice too. One of the most interesting things we did was visiting Michelangelo’s tomb. It is a small but beautiful city.  This weekend I will be going to the Tuscany trip paid by the SAI program and we are all very excited for it. The SAI people and program has been the best and I am so glad that my home college arranges the study abroad program with them. I have gone to two cooking classes with Chef Andrea, which are very fun, educational and in which I ate a lot of great food. I have also gone to three “discovering Rome” day trips which have become my favorite since we go out and explore a Roman neighborhood and have more great food. I have learned a lot from this excursions and I am planning on going to the last one in April. Another activity that the SAI program provided us with was a night at the Teatro di Opera were we got to see a ballet, we all really enjoyed dressing up and watching this spectacular ballet.

School work has taken a lot of my time especially since it is mid-terms time. I really enjoy my Italian and religion class.  I love how I can practice and apply what I learn in class when I am out in the streets; it makes me feel really good to try to speak it and to see that I can communicate with Italians. I also enjoy my religion class called The Popes of Rome, this is the absolutely best time to be studying abroad in Rome for everything that is happening. The pope’s resignation and the presidential elections are a huge topic and a big deal all around. I was so lucky to be able to see Pope Benedict XVI three times before he resigned and the times that I saw him clearly will become history. I just love to be here and I wish this semester would never end, since I am having the time of my life.

Cristina, St. Norbert College

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