Thank you Forever
Cristina, Rome, Spring 2013
June 17, 2013

This program has impacted my study abroad experience dramatically.  It is just such an amazing program that prepares you and guides you through this experience to make it the best semester abroad.

The prep material that we received prior to arrival made everything so much easier, one of the best things that the program could have done was providing us with transportation to our house on our arrival day.  Another great thing that the program did for us was finding us a house, and pairing us up with girls with similar ideals.

The program made sure that we were always living in good conditions by coming at least once a month to do a house inspection. The support that we received from each girl in the SAI office was just amazing, they were so helpful, nice, and there for us 24/7. I truly thank their dedication and commitment to have made our study abroad experience the best we could have ever imagined.

Other than making sure that all of our necessities were met such as a good house, good school, food, good health, and all the information and instruments to survive, the program wen t above and beyond by providing us with fieldtrips, excursions, cooking lessons, day trips, and much more.

Talking to other classmates who were not part of the program and realizing that they had none of the above services made me feel so lucky and thankful, that is why I recommend this program 100 percent and I thank them for making my experience the best it could have been.  There is nothing about this program that I did not like, everything was a surprise full of excitement and I will have the best memories of my study abroad experience in Rome made possible by Study Abroad Italy.

Thank you again! Thank you forever!


– Cristina, St. Norbert College

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