28 Days…
Ezra, Florence, Spring 2013
April 5, 2013

Although short in numbers the month of February has been anything but short. Somehow in all 28 days I’ve managed to go to school full time and travel around some of the most beautiful places in Europe. Switzerland, Rome, Pisa, is just some of the few places that I’ve visited thus far in my travels abroad.

Interlaken, Switzerland was absolutely amazing with its fresh powder snow and exceptional views of rolling mountains. As an avid skier I was surprisingly drawn more to the scenario then the actual skiing itself. It just seemed almost surreal and as if it were taken out of a movie.  I definitely recommend making a trip over there.

Roma turned out to be more then I thought it would be. Vatican city was incredible. We visited St. Peters square and St. Peters Basilica, as well as the Vatican Museum where Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel and many other famous work done during the Renaissance. We also went to see the Coliseum, which was quite remarkable, The Arch of Titus, Trevi Fountains, The Spanish Steps, and many other famous attractions.  The Trevi fountain at night is something to see.  Rumor has it a man makes over $400,000 a year just collecting all the coins people throw in while visiting, thought that was quite an interesting fact.  Above all, we were part of history as we attending the Pope’s last public address in St. Peters Square.

Pisa was about as spontaneous as it gets. We woke up one morning and decided to go to see the leaning tower and whatever else Pisa had to offer. With that we went to the train station, hopped on a bus and a little over an hour later we were posing for pictures either holding up, kicking down or any other creative pose you can think of with the tower. We also visited the Duomo (which isn’t as nice as the Duomo in here in Florence) and climbed to the top of the leaning tower.  This past month has flown by and it probably can be attributed to the amount of fun I’m having here. Everyday, I wake up thankful to be here and ready to begin a new adventure. Until next time!

Ezra, Pace University


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