Challenges & Opportunities
Lakeshia, Milan, Fall 2012
September 25, 2012


My Study abroad experience thus far has been awesome, although in the first week I struggled with homesickness and culture shock. Day 2 I felt a bit lonely being in another country with the 7 hr time difference, and it being the hottest period of the year for Milan to say the least it started off overwhelming. It wasn’t really until we visit Lake Como were I found my peace of mind; it’s so surreal how beautiful that place is. I would love to have a summer home out there one day.

Once classes started I really began to embrace Milan for all its worth. The professors are all so loving and passionate about their field which makes you enjoy every minute of the 2-3 hr classes. I feel so honored to sit in a classroom, and learn from them who are professionals in their fields, and still working in their profession while taking time to come teach and pass the knowledge along. I can honestly say this is week two and I’m so happy and excited to see what challenges and amazing opportunities come my way.

Lakeshia – University of North Texas


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