You Just Have to Live it
Molly, Milan, Spring 2013
June 10, 2013

Study abroad wasn’t just a semester away to me; it was a learning experience and a time to branch away from my comfort zone. This experience as a whole has not only helped me with my future career, but it taught me so much about the way other cultures live and life in general.

My outlook on the world has completely changed. I want to continue to travel and experience even more that the world has to give. Going to a foreign country where I didn’t know anyone or the language was so intimidating before this experience, but as I look back at who I was before my semester abroad, it has only helped me grow. Sometimes the scary things in life are the best things once we overcome the fear.

Reflecting on this trip makes me gain such a sense of accomplishment; learning how to use public transportation in every city, flying all over Europe, meeting people from around the world, studying subjects that wouldn’t necessarily be offered at my home school, getting to know locals, and so many other amazing things has only shaped who I am even more so than before. I know that if I would not have studied abroad, it would have been a huge regret.

Study abroad is one of those things where it’s so hard to explain it; you just have to live it.

РMolly, University of Missouri РColumbia

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