The Adventure of a Lifetime
Haley, SAI Ambassador, 2019
June 27, 2019

Going, Going, Gondola!

My experience studying abroad has shown me how far I can stretch myself out of my comfort zone. Before going abroad, I could barely understand how to take the L train down Chicago and now I can get around a city by myself with no problem! Asking the locals was always my go to, as long as we could communicate in the same language.

A little island right off of Santorini only made of lava rocks.

Some travel tips I have for going abroad are to plan ahead, but not too much. There would be some weekends that we would plan out trips Tuesday and leave Thursday and they were some of the best experiences! The best way to plan is pick the destinations you want to see and find weekends that work best for you. Leave a couple open for those spontaneous trips!

The view from Piazzale Michelangelo in Florence, Italy: My home base for the semester!

Studying abroad has opened up my horizons with my future career as well. I am an advertising and public relations major and it made me realize that there is a large spectrum to reach when you are marketing certain products. I loved learning how Italy markets things versus the United States and how intercultural communication plays a huge role!

Blazing orange skies in Paris, France.

The only way to get around is by water taxi in Venice, Italy.

Haley was a Spring 2019 Florence student from The University of Tampa.

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