Tips for Advising on SAI programs
Sarah, SAI Programs
June 14, 2018

We recently caught up with SAI Senior University Relations Manager Sarah Langston.  Sarah shares some reasons to consider SAI Programs for your study abroad experience.  

As a former study abroad advisor, I know that it can be challenging to help students differentiate between various programs. I wanted to share a few key things to know about SAI that might assist you in directing students to the appropriate option:

  • SAI is intentionally small

Because of our small size, we are able to offer personal and individualized attention to students, parents, and university partners. Students who study with SAI can benefit from a tailored approach and dedicated support from their admissions counselor and on-site staff. We truly enjoy having close connections with our students and partners.

Where to study abroad?

  • SAI has geographic expertise

Our programs are concentrated in Italy, France and Spain. Because all of our programs are in Western Europe, we are able to specialize and become experts on the region and culture. Similarly, we encourage students to develop an in-depth knowledge of their host city and country while abroad.  

  • SAI has programs that work well for a large variety of majors

While we are well-known for our art and design curriculum, we also offer excellent academics in business, communications, engineering, health sciences, hospitality/tourism, and social sciences. Our European partner schools offer a broad range of studies, so students can fulfil academic requirements for their major, minor or general education coursework.

SAI offers courses in a variety of majors.

  • SAI offers an excellent value in Western Europe

Many students report that when comparing costs across similar programs, SAI is a very cost-effective choice. We strive to keep our program fees as low as possible for students, while maintaining quality services. We also offer a variety of scholarships and discounts that students are encouraged to explore.  

SAI Staff is committed to helping students during the entire study abroad experience!

  • SAI has dedicated staff on-site who are committed to cultural exposure

SAI has full-time staff on-site, based in each of our cities, so students will have access to a strong support network while abroad. Our staff work hard to expose students to local culture, off-the-beaten path destinations, and authentic cultural activities. Due to our long-standing presence in the region, our on-site staff have extensive local contacts and networks which are used to enhance the student experience.

Our University Relations team is always available to answer any questions or provide clarification- just let us know if we can be of assistance. Thank you for all you do in advising students interested in SAI!

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