You Can’t Go Wrong With the Campo!
Sabina, Siena, Spring 2015
March 6, 2015

Siena is a wonderful town full of places both on and off the main center. The longer I’m here the more I discover, especially as more stores open after their winter holiday. Here’s a list of some of the place I have found!


My friend Ellie sitting at the Bar il Pintoricchio while we have our coffee.

Bar Il Pintoricchio: Located two feet from the SIS building, this bar has become a home before class, after class and everything in between. The owners, a brother and sister, are super nice and as students we get a discount… yay for cheap coffee! They also have free Wifi, which in Italy is a thing that can’t be beat.

The Campo, aka the Piazza: Ok, this one is a bit obvious but soooo true! While you’re technically not allowed to eat or lie down in the piazza, on a sunny day it’s filled with people, both tourists and locals doing just that. At night it’s perfect for sitting with your friends and a bottle of wine and the view can’t be beat!


Bar Bibò from outside

Bar Bibò: Located around the corner from the piazza, this bar has both fairly cheap bottled wine and delicious hot chocolate. Hot, and thick, you can sit down at the booths (hard to find here) and eat it with a spoon. So worth it!

The Duomo: Alright, yes I may be fairly biased (or really biased), but the Duomo is gorgeous beyond belief. Where in America can you come home to a masterpiece? It also has a bench where one can sit and contemplate life…. Or people watch, your choice.

Bella Vista: A bar/club located a five minute walk from the piazza, this place is super cool. The walls are lined with movie posters of all types, creating an awesome atmosphere and in the back is a DJ and dance floor. A good place to go at night, if you’re feeling more than just the piazza.


The awesome lights at Liberamente Ostia

Liberamente Ostia: Once again, on the Piazza, but in Siena most things are :). This bar not only has funky cool lights for each table but you can still sit outside with heat lamps that keep you nice and toasty. They also have $5 dollar drinks which come with appetizers, no matter the time and they are plentiful. Plus they have a delicious chocolate soufflé, which is to die for!


Consorzio Agrario Siena

Consorzio Agrario Siena: This place is a pizzeria and grocery store rolled into one, right on the Corso. Pizza sold by the slice is delicious and cheap, and if you’re lucky you can catch it fresh out of the oven, which is even better.

Biosfera: This place is a little off the main road, though not by much, and is my new favorite store! Filled with organic food, products and vitamins it has it all for someone looking for a product a little off the beaten place. It also has Henna powder, in case you feel the need to dye your hair…. Like me!

Dried Fruit Store: Up by the Duomo one can find a fruit store on Via Città that sells dried fruit. Sold by the pound they have everything from cranberries to dried melon! A little expensive, but definitely worth it, especially if you need a snack to get through class every day.


Il Mercato

Il Mercato: Open every Wednesday morning until 1pm, the Siena market is must. Located by Piazza Gramsci, the market has everything you could ever need, especially cute Italian clothes. And the best part? It’s all cheap. The market is definitely perfect for anyone living in Siena.


Sabina is a current student at Muhlenberg College studying at Siena Italian Studies in Italy during the Spring 2015 term.


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