10 Creative Ways to Use Your Study Abroad Photos
Nicole, SAI Staff, 2020
April 7, 2020

Me and my 10 cameras) in Venice

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m always trying to do something new and creative with my travel photos. My camera roll is overflowing with them (seriously, I have 47,000 photos on my phone.. help) and while in this quarantine, I’ve made it my mission to try out some new photo ideas. I wanted to share some of the best things I’ve seen/tried so far in case any of you are looking to do the same! So here they are: 10 things to do with your study abroad photos!

The first page of my scrapbook I’m working on

  1. Photo Album/Scrapbook
    This is a project I’m currently working on and I’m super excited about it! I printed a bunch of photos from a recent-ish trip to Anza Borrego and I’m going to include other elements like receipts from the trip, dried flowers, old newspapers, etc. I’m so excited to see how this project turns out. A targeted Instagram ad got me, so I bought my photo album from Kolo. Honestly, sometimes I feel like my FBI guy knows me better than I know me.

    A photo I posted on Insta from a trip to Portugal

  2. TBT (but not because no one says TBT anymore)
    Okay, this one is an easy one, but who doesn’t love a good reminiscent insta post? I personally love to think back and reflect on some of my favorite memories and I also love sharing those memories with my friends. If you post on Instagram, tag us @saiprograms!

    This is a digital collage I made using one of my photos of the Colosseum in Rome

  3. Create a Photo Collage:
    There are a lot of different options here. You can print your photos and make your own physical mixed media collage, or you can do it digitally. I love playing around with Photoshop, so I, personally, sway towards digital collages. Not good with photoshop? A lot of sites will create a collage for you — like this one. You can even get your photos printed into the shape of Italy or France! The options are endless.
  4. Turn Your Instagram Feed into an Actual Book
    Photo books can be a lot of work, but Chatbooks makes it simple. It syncs with your Instagram or Facebook account for an effortless import. I just loaded in 138 photos in about three seconds, and they automatically arranged chronologically — one per page — with the ability to add captions and locations if I want. To buy:, from $10

    Some of my photos from Copenhagen and London in 2018

  5. Hang Them on a Cute Display
    Get those photos out of your camera roll and into the physical world! I printed some of my travel photos through Artifact Uprising and I love how they turned out. I rotate them almost daily and it’s such a good addition to my desk! You could also turn to Pinterest, which would tell you the only logical next step involves a spool of string, clothespins, and if you’re very motivated, some twinkle lights. Don’t want to do it yourself? This five-tiered frame is $14 on Amazon. It’s not cheating, I promise. To buy:, $20
  6. Turn Your Photos Into a Puzzle
    Be honest.. How many times have you thought about starting a puzzle while in Quarantine? I know some people are very anti-puzzle, but what if you can turn your own study abroad photo into one? You can order one from Shutterfly. So what’s it going to be? 60, 252, 520 or 1,014 pieces?
  7. Turn Them Into Stickers
    Business cards are the bread and butter of, but they also offer these cute, pocket-sized sticker books. To buy:, from $10
  8. Paint Them (or hire someone to do so for you)
    We can’t all be good at everything, so for the less artistically inclined, there’s always Etsy. The CarlinArtWatercolor shop creates beautiful custom watercolors from your photos. If you’re more of an acrylic person, the lindywhittonstudio shop offers custom work from $64. To buy:, from $64.
  9. Get Nostalgic with a Retroviewer
    Ever find yourself wishing you could be visually transported back to both your vacation and the ’90s simultaneously? lets you make a custom seven-photo reel! Plus, there’s an option to add 3D captions to your photos. To buy:, from $30

  10. Customize a Deck of Playing Cards
    I’ve been playing my fair share of rummy the last two weeks and I’ve just been using some boring deck of cards I got for free when I studied abroad (s/o to giffgaff). I’ve been wanting a custom deck for a while and now feels like a perfect time to do so. There are a lot of different places to get a deck printed, but I’ve been looking at Shutterfly

Me (and my 10 cameras) in Portugal — signing off!

If you do any of the projects above, I’d love to see! Join our Facebook group, SAI Virtual Viva Experience, where SAI staff, students, and alumni are sharing activities we’re doing from home and make a post telling us about it! Happy crafting!

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