3 Must-See Attractions While in Rome
Dwight, Rome,Fall 2019
November 11, 2019

The Colosseum is one of the most well-known attractions in the world. It was built back in 72-80 A.D. by multiple emperors of the Ancient Roman Empire. The Colosseum was home to gladiatorial fights, reenactments of famous battles, and dramas of classical mythology. The massive oval-shaped amphitheatre could hold up to 70,000 people in it for its entertainment purposes. Because of its sheer massive size and it being in the heart of Rome makes it such a must-see attraction. Getting a guided tour of the Colosseum brings you back to ancient Roman society and gives insights on what they used for entertainment in their time. Despite earthquakes and other mishaps destroying parts of the building it is still a jaw-dropping thing to see in person that I recommend you must visit if in Rome.

Here the Colosseum is seen lit up at night. Both during the day and at night the Colosseum is amazing.

The Altara della Patria is another top spot to see when visiting Rome. The English translation of this means “The Altar of the Fatherland”. This is a massive building that overlooks Piazza Venezia built to honor Victor Emmanuel ll, the first king of a unified Italy. The building was first started to be built in 1885 and did not get fully finished up until 1935. Walking up the stairs of this building you see the immense amount of detail that went into it making it more and more amazing to see. As you get to higher levels you start to get a very pretty view of Rome. I recommend taking the elevator up to the rooftop where you will experience one of, if not the best view in all of Rome. This building is situated relatively close to the Colosseum so you will get a cool aerial view of the Colosseum while also seeing the vastness of the city of Rome. Also, watching the sunset from the top of Altara della Patria is a must while in Rome to capture the true beauty of looking over the entire city from so far up.

Here the Altara della Patria is seen from across the Piazza Venezia. Even from afar you can still see the vastness of the building.

A third top spot to visit in Rome is the Trevi Fountain. This massive fountain is an amazing feat of architecture that was spared no detail in its creation. Many movies have even been shot with the Trevi fountain in the background due to its beauty. The attraction has crystal clear water and pristine white marble that make the sight of it so amazing. A popular tradition happens here with coin throwing. Coins are thrown with the right hand over the left shoulder, and it is estimated that an average of 3,000 euros are thrown into the fountain every day. With these three attractions I would like to note that you could walk to all three within 30 minutes time. Also, all three attractions I recommend should be seen at night because they are spectacular lit up in the darkness of night.

Here the Trevi Fountain is being viewed from the left side. This gives a good view on how big the fountain is and the crystal clear water.

Dwight is a fall 2019 Rome student from St. Norbert College.

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