A New Spin on Service
Gabrielle, Milan, Spring 2023
April 30, 2023

Hello! My name is Gabrielle Haring and I am just finishing up my junior year at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan. These past four months have contributed to some of the best times and experiences of my life. I am forever grateful to experience and gain an appreciation for Italian life, culture and customs. This country is beautiful in so many ways and I never want to forget it.

Mutuo Soccorso

My overall experience was further enhance by service endeavors. During my time in Milan, I volunteered with a group called Mutuo Soccorso. On Wednesday and Sunday evenings we prepared hot food (usually pasta or rice based meals with vegetables) and then set up a “food truck” stand outside of Milano Centrale station. Some volunteers stay and assist the individuals who come to the truck while others walk around to distribute the meals, bread, biscuits, canned goods and any other supplies. The organization began during COVID and has expanded since that time. Here is a link to the website: (https://www.mutuosoccorsomilano.it/).

Behind the Scenes

At my home university, York College of Pennsylvania, I am part of a group called the Eisenhart scholars. As part of this organization, I fulfill a 60 hour volunteer requirement for each school year. This organization encourages the promotion and importance of serving others. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to continue my passion for service while abroad. During this time I was able to interact with locals within the area and learn about specific food and cooking traditions that are native to this region. I am hoping that I can bring back a new experience and possibly a project to York, PA inspired the work completed here.

I look forward to sharing all that I have learned in these past four months when I return home. Thank you SAI, Mutuo Soccorso and the amazing city of Milano for the countless memories and adventures!

Exterior of Mutuo Soccorso

Written by: Gabrielle Haring, Spring 2023 Milan student from York College of Pennsylvania.

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