Sicily is Not New York

Deztiny, Sicily, Summer 2018

During my time here in Sicily, I’ve had my fair share of time to explore the city and experience new things. In deciding to come here, I believed that Italy would have many similarities to my home in New York, but over the past two weeks, one thing I have noticed is that there are actually quite a few differences between my tiny suburban town of Rhinebeck, NY and this condensed city of Siracusa.

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Cose preferite da fare a Siracusa- Favorite things to do in Siracusa

Kelsie, SAI

When someone asks me, “what is your favorite place in the world?”, it’s always an easy answer. My favorite place in the world is a 2,700 year-old city located in the southeast corner of the island of Sicily, notable for its ancient ruins, rich Greek history, culture, and amphitheatre, and as being the birthplace of Archimedes. This magical place is called Siracusa (or Syracuse in English).

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Sneak Peek: Syracuse Academy

Syracuse, Sicily

We’re so excited… we just can’t hide it…. Coming in Summer 2017:  Study abroad with SAI in Syracuse, Sicily, Italy at Syracuse Academy, offering unique summer programs on the Mediterranean. Syracuse Academy provides specialized study abroad programs focused on Mediterranean culture, landscape and history, in a beautiful seaside setting. The school brings together a small community of students interested in a culturally immersive summer academic experience that uses the surrounding region as its classroom.

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Study Abroad in Sicily

Q & A with Admissions Counselor & SAI President

We sat down with Jamie Ronsheimer, SAI Admissions Counselor, and Michael Cruciano, SAI President, to talk about SAI’s newest program in Sicily, Italy. Why did SAI choose to offer this program? Michael Cruciano, SAI President: The history of Sicily is astounding. We think Syracuse is a special place in Sicily, due to its past artists, philosophers, and writers. Historically Syracuse has been the main source of Sicilian contributions to society.

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