Sicily: Doing While Learning
Micaela, SAI Vice President of Enrollment Services
January 2, 2019

As the SAI Vice President of Enrollment Services I am bestowed with the honor of guiding students in finding the perfect program in the perfect location. I get to listen to student’s fears, goals, wishes and dreams. And I get to answer lots of questions, which I truly love.

One of the most popular questions is one which students never quite know how to ask without sounding like they don’t care about their academics: “how demanding are the classes? Will I have time to enjoy the city? And travel?” Students often worry that they will spend too much time in a classroom while abroad and fear that they will not have enough time to explore and get to know their new home.

All of our programs are rich in field learning courses and on-site activities, but Sicily truly tops the list.

Side note: I can’t hear the word Sicily without smiling ear to ear. I spent an unforgettable summer studying in Sicily my junior year of college and I still look back at that time as my favorite summer yet. I don’t know if it was the peaceful sea, the tiny cobblestone maze of streets, the warm locals, my classmates, the fascinating courses, the traveling… but it all holds such a place in my heart.

At our favorite sandwich shop while studying abroad in Sicily 2003

When I get the opportunity to speak about the Sicily program with students my excitement is palpable (I need to scale it back at times lest I come off as a serious Sicily groupie). And when they ask me the “will I have time to explore?” question, I love that I get to say, “yes. AND your explorations are included in the program AND earn you credits”.

At that point, I can basically drop the figurative mic, because what could be better?

Let me tell you a bit about what the Summer 2019 has in store for students.

Syracuse Academy focuses its courses on its environment, therefore maximizing the student’s experience by including hand-on learning opportunities.

Let’s take a look at the course: At the crossroad of the Mediterranean – the Archaeology and History of Ancient Sicily for example.

In four short, fun-packed weeks, students will participate in the following 7 (!!!) excursions:

Archaeological Area of Syracuse

Necropolis of Pantalica (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Temples of Apollo and Athena (in Ortigia)

Valley of the Temples in Agrigento

Catacombs of St. John

Jamie, Senior Admissions Counselor, and me in front of the entrance to the Catacombs


  • Morgantina and Roman Villa of Casale
  • Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum

So, no need to worry about whether you will have time to sightsee, because you will be sightseeing as part of your course! There will still be plenty of time, though, to soak up some of that much sought-after Sicilian sun, sip on a granita, and learn from the locals.

Without Sicily, Italy creates no image in the soul: here is the key to everything” – J. W. Goethe

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