A Day in the Life of SAI Sicily
January 26, 2017

We handed our instagram over to Arianna, SAI Sicily Program Coordinator, to show what a day in the life of SAI Sicily is like. Check it out!

Hi SAI, Arianna here from Syracuse Academy! Today, I am going to show you what studying on the beautiful island of Sicily is all about. If you were born and raised on an island (like I was), the first thing to do when you wake up is take a look at the sea. This is the view from my kitchen balcony, which I enjoy every morning while drinking an espresso. There are so many charming and beautiful cafés where you can enjoy a typical Sicilian breakfast around Siracusa and its old town center, Ortigia.

Bizarre encounters around the streets of Siracusa: when a scooter is not enough but a real car is way too much. What’s your favorite mode of transportation?

Time for a short break on Syracuse Academy’s terrace. I love this sunny spot of the school!

Buon appetito! To me, there’s nothing like fresh pasta (OK, maybe pizza).

What’s more relaxing than a little afternoon nap? A little afternoon nap at the beach of course! 🏖

Ricotta or Pistacchio? Cono or coppetta? It’s always time for gelato! What’s your favorite flavor?

Siracusa is on the eastern coast of Sicily but we still manage to have the most stunning sunset of Sicily! Thanks for following along as I shared a Day In The Life of SAI Sicily. It’s a rough life but someone has to live it 😉

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