Sneak Peek: Syracuse Academy
Syracuse, Sicily
September 23, 2016

We’re so excited… we just can’t hide it….

Coming in Summer 2017:  Study abroad with SAI in Syracuse, Sicily, Italy at Syracuse Academy, offering unique summer programs on the Mediterranean.


Syracuse Academy provides specialized study abroad programs focused on Mediterranean culture, landscape and history, in a beautiful seaside setting. The school brings together a small community of students interested in a culturally immersive summer academic experience that uses the surrounding region as its classroom. Students study volcanology on Mount Etna, archaeology among ancient Greek ruins, and the history of the Mafia in its birthplace.


Syracuse Academy manages strong connections with local NGOs, politicians, artists, and local businesses, through which the school is able to provide unique opportunities for community engagement, including seminars and practicums, volunteer teaching and environmentally-focused programs, independent research, and academic internships. Additionally, the school helps to facilitate cultural understanding and Italian language acquisition through a well-established tandem exchange program with local Italian students.


Sumer 2017 Courses

  • Volcanology (with field trips)
  • Archaeology and Ancient History (with field trips to important dig sites and museums)
  • History of the Mafia (with speakers from current Anti-Mafia prosecutors and International Criminal Court associates)
  • Migrant Studies (with visits and service positions at migrant camps and organizations in Sicily)
  • Italian Language
  • Internships (in a variety of areas!)


Study abroad students in Syracuse quickly feel comfortable and at home in the welcoming community of locals who make the city’s outdoor spaces an extension of their homes. SAI students in Syracuse enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine as they get lost in the enchanting labyrinth of narrow streets of the historical center, take a stroll around the medieval castle that overlooks the natural harbor, or perch on the seaside rocks watching the mixture of local fishing boats and flashy yachts come in after a day on the water.


Check back soon for all details!

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