Doumo: Morning, Noon, and Night
Lia, Milan, Fall 2019
September 16, 2019

While only being here a few weeks I have come to learn quickly about tourist spots in Milan. The most famous and fabulous by far is the Duomo. It is a large cathedral in the city center surrounded with many things to do at all times of the day. Whether its shopping, eating, getting that perfect Instagram picture, or simply enjoying the view I am sure you will find something you enjoy.

To start off the shopping near the Duomo is amazing. Their are many stores from fast fashion to high end luxury shops. So no matter your preference you will be able to find what you’re looking for. As a fashion student I visit the stores very often because the change the layouts and their products almost daily. This keeps browsing and buying interesting and different than your local shops at home.

Spritz with a view at Terrazza Aperol

Next, eating! One of my favorite things in Milan. Near the Duomo you will find many restaurants of all different types so come hungry! You can find a great sit down meal and tasty vending carts where you can order anything from a sandwich to appertivo. Which is a great way to sample many Italian foods at one time while enjoying a cocktail. The most popular cocktail to Milan is a Spritz so no matter where you go I recommend trying one. The place I suggest for a Spritz an amazing view is Terrazza Aperol. This trendy bar is authentic to the spritz brand and allows you to see the Duomo and the Piazza.

Street Food by the Duomo

One attraction I would take advantage of is to go inside the Duomo. The view from the top is just as beautiful as the inside of the cathedral. Pictures just do not do it justice! Up close you will notice just how detailed it actually is. This is an included excursion with the SAI program. Your leader will give you history and tell you a little bit more upon arrival. I suggest going back for yourself and really enjoying it a second time.

Climb the Duomo

Lastly, the Duomo at night is something special. The crowned area during the day turns into an unreal site at night. The cathedral is lit up and there are barely any people. Nearby there are restaurants open and a few places to great a drink with friends. The best by far is Duomo 21. Here you will find many young people and an incredible view of the cathedral. They have great music and the chance to met some english speaking friends.

Duomo at Dark

Make sure you always travel with some friends and do not forget to have fun. After taking a picture at every angle put your phone down and really take in what is around you. Caio, Enjoy!

Lia is a fall 2019 Milan student from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

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