Get a Job in International Education
Sarah, SAI Staff
March 2, 2017

Did you love your study abroad experience? Want to continue spreading the word about education abroad while making a difference in the lives of students?

Consider a career in the field of international education. It’s not always easy to break into, but here are a few ways you can get started:

  • Network: Reach out to your study abroad advisor, program admissions counselor, and other international education professionals. They may have some tips for your job search, and could even connect you with other colleagues in the field. Join the SAI Ambassador Program and LinkedIn group to gain experience and expand your connections.
  • Research: Conduct informational interviews with study abroad professionals. Become familiar with NAFSA, the Forum on Education Abroad and similar organizations. Review sample job postings and work to gain the experience necessary to meet common requirements.
  • Revise: Update your resume and have education abroad professionals review it and provide feedback. Be sure to clearly highlight your study abroad experience! Take advantage of re-entry professional development opportunities such as the Lessons from Abroad student conference series.
  • Graduate School: Many positions, especially in university study abroad offices, require or prefer a Master’s degree. There are graduate programs that focus specifically on international education, or you could seek out a broader degree such as higher education administration or an MBA.

But don’t just take my word for it! Check out these additional resources for more tips on scoring a job in international education:
Inside Study Abroad Blog
NAFSA Career Center
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Need some help with your resume or interview? Check out our Career Center.

Good luck!

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