Getting Involved While Abroad
Harley, Sorrento, Spring 2024
May 16, 2024

Communications team

This past spring I had the honor of being a student council member at Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, both a part of the communications team and the sustainability leader. Getting involved was an experience I did not think I would get before coming abroad, but when the opportunity presented itself I was eager to join the team so I applied. Sant’Anna put on a welcome gathering for all the members of the student council within the first month, we got free merch (as you can see in the first picture). We had weekly meetings to go over goals, ideas, and progress for the growth of Sant’Anna.

Leadership team celebration

As a sustainability leader, for spring break I put on a CO2 emission contest. Sant’Anna students could submit their spring break travels to a form that would have their total CO2 emissions calculated and the winner got a dinner for two at a local sustainable restaurant. This opportunity allowed me to make connections with students, professors, and staff that my abroad experience would not have been the same without. I would encourage everyone to do what interests them and you may find you have a passion for something new while living abroad.

As a thank you Sant’Anna booked a private cooking class for the student council at another local spot in a huge kitchen with the awesome, enthusiastic owner, Silvanna. We first prepped for eggplant parmesan then made lemon tiramisu so that it could sit while we cooked the other courses. We learned how to make ravioli: dough, ricotta filling, and cutting the pieces out. This was something I had been wanting to do my semester abroad and after three cooking classes, I finally got to learn how to make them! Next, we finished the eggplant parmesan, layering the eggplant slices and mozzarella then topping it off with the red sauce before baking it. After our two-course pasta meals, the lemon tiramisu was brought out, which was another dish I had not had yet. All three courses were amazing and I hope to recreate them one day for my family and friends!

Finally, the lemon tiramisu… delectable to say the least

Written by: Harley, Spring 2024 Sorrento Student, from University of South Carolina

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