Introducing our Summer Intern: Reed
June 4, 2014

We are excited to welcome Reed as our summer intern!


What’s your name?
Reed McCalib

What school do/did you attend here in the US?
Gustavus Adolphus College, Saint Peter, MN

Which program did you attend through SAI?
John Cabot University, Fall 2012 & Spring 2013

What do you hope to accomplish in this summer internship?
During my time as an intern I would like to gain a better understanding of the different aspects of the international education industry, particularly those of international education organizations such as Study Abroad Italy. I hope to provide a student’s perspective to the organization while learning about the variety of operations necessary for such an inclusive program.

What did you love most about your SAI program?
I loved the sense of community that SAI fostered in Rome. It was a scary time for all of us, moving abroad with brand new people, but I quickly felt at home with SAI and my fellow students thanks to the variety of community-building activities offered throughout the semester. These included orientation, retreats, cooking classes, etc with other SAI students from all over the country.

What is your best/favorite memory of your time abroad?
One rainy March evening, I had just returned to my apartment from class when I received a frantic call from my roommate: “Get to the Vatican! There’s white smoke!” Knowing well what that meant, I threw on the first shoes I could find (sandals) and ran out onto the streets towards St Peter’s Square. The closer I got to the Vatican, the more people I joined, all sprinting the same direction. I felt chills as every church bell in Rome began ringing in unison through the evening rain. I arrived just in time to see the brand new Pope step onto the balcony of St Peter’s Basilica and address his international congregation for the very first time.

Do you have any funny traveling stories to share?
A few friends and I travelled to Fez, Morocco for a weekend and stayed in the Old Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that still resembles life in the ninth century. Everything was old-fashioned, including our accommodations. Late one night we returned to our hotel to find it locked! We knocked but nobody answered, so two of my friends decided to hop over the wall that surrounded the courtyard in the back. Little did we know there was a huge, nasty guard dog, who awoke with the most terrifying bark I had ever heard and chased us back over the wall snapping at our heels. Apparently the bark finally awoke the old serviceman who sleeps on the couch in the lobby, and we were let in with a scolding look.

What was your go-to meal while abroad?
3 euro margherita pizza from Pan Unto, right behind Tiber Campus of JCU.

What advice do you have to offer those just embarking on their study abroad experience?
Keep an open mind, talk to as many people as you can (including non-Americans), and don’t spend your time watching Netflix in your apartment. Stretch your comfort zone.

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