Travel and Study Abroad Prime Day Essentials!
Travel specific items for your trip abroad!
July 12, 2023

Amazon Prime Day is here!

Here are some of the items study abroad alumni have mentioned are the best items they received or at least are glad they brought with them for their time abroad!

Take a look at some of the most requested items here:

Beauty Deals:

Dry Shampoo isn’t a thing in Italy. So, if you are an avid user of it, make sure you bring some with you!

Dry Shampoo Bring a bottle or 2 of your favorite! (Depending on how long you will be abroad). But, for an easier and space saving option, bring non-aerosol dry shampoo!

Examples – Amika Dry Shampoo or Briogeo Non- Aerosol 

Jewelry Case – There’s nothing worse than getting all your jewelry tangled up. If you do wear a lot, use a case like this to keep things organized. But remember! You may find yourself purchasing some souvenir jewelry pieces! These can be found at many places including Target, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom, Amazon.

Examples – Amazon or Target

If you want to make sure your areas stay clean, pack some anti-bacterial wipes! You can use them on the plane, train, or even to wipe down hotel phones, handles, etc.

Examples – Wet Ones or Lysol

If you are


Adapters! There are so many different types of adapters so we listed some here:

Travel Adaptors can be so difficult to find what works best for you. Here are a few options:

2 pack – 2 USB & 1 AC — Found here

1 adaptor – 4 AC outlets, USB & USB-C — Found Here

2 pack – 3 AC, USB, and USB-C — Found here


Phone Necessities: 

I highly recommend getting a 10 foot phone charging cord. You never know where the outlets will be in hotels, airbnbs, or apartments.

But, still bring your 3 foot cord to keep in your bag for when you are carrying a portable charger around!

Another recommendation is portable power banks!

Examples – Amazon  or Anker 

And if you want to keep all your tech organized, get a tech pouch to make sure everything has a place!

Options from Amazon – Waterproof or Amazon Water Resistant



Travel Necessities:

I highly recommend getting packing cubes, especially compression packing cubes! They can be used for weekend getaways or to help get more packed into your big suitcase on your way to and from!

Examples —  Compression or Non-Compression

If you are a big reader, I highly recommend getting a Kindle instead of lugging around books. Mind you, stopping in bookshops around Europe is actually quite a fun experience to see what is popular there, etc. I have the Kindle Paperwhite and it’s incredible.


For more ideas on what you can get or pack for your time abroad, check out our blog all about packing and souvenirs here

Let us know if there are any other necessities you bring while traveling!

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