Oh the places you’ll go… and eat!
Hailey, Florence, Fall 2017
September 14, 2017

Here is a list of some of my favorite places to eat in Florence:

Caffe Firenze — This place has the best croissants in Firenze! I get a caffé latte and the croissant and it is only about 3 euro. The people who work there offer great customer service, too.

Vecchio Forno — Vecchio Forno is right up the street from the Squola, one of the main buildings of FUA, which is awesome because on my breaks for class, I go get a prosciutto, rocket (arugula), and mozzarella panino. It’s such a big sandwich for only 4 euro! Honestly, sometimes I can barely finish it all!

Pizza from Dante

Gelateria La Carraia — This gelato shop is always packed. It’s by far my favorite gelato in Florence. They have every flavor you could ever want, and it’s such a great price. Gelateria La Carraia is overlooking the river, so you can get some gelato and sit on the side of the river for a great view!

Ristorante Dante — This restaurant is owned by a man named, of course, Dante. He has taken over the business from his relatives. Dante offers students unlimited wine, red or white, and has extraordinary food! My favorites are the quattro formaggio pizza, spaghetti carbonara, and the gnocchi with pesto!

Gnocchi from Dante

Ginga — My roommates and I came across this place going to the grocery store. We have been craving sushi since we arrived in Florence, so we decided to try it out! Ginga has a lunch special for 12.90 euro for all you can eat appetizers, sushi, noodles (ramon, udon, and soba), and much more! The restaurant has a great feel to it, and even better food!

Noodles from Ginga

Hailey is a fall 2017 SAI Florence student from the College of Charleston.

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