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Sabina, Siena, Spring 2015
June 23, 2015

A day in the life here in Siena is absolutely wonderful! On weekdays I usually wake up around 8am, to get to Italian class by 9am. Of course it’s Italy, so class actually starts at around 9:10, so I’m usually not too worried about being late. Italian class is for two hours four days a week and depending on the day I’ll have one or two more classes later in the day. The schedule is pretty lax and leaves me time to enjoy the city.

Sabina, Siena, Spring 15

My Italian class

Sabina, Siena, Spring 15

Enjoying our gelato on a beautiful day

When I don’t have class you can usually find me at the bar next to the school drinking coffee and hanging out with the other students. My friend and I like to take a walk around Siena, and more often than not get some gelato ☺ On nice days, you can find us on the campo soaking in the sun and spending time with other students. I go home around 6pm usually and do some homework and hang out with my host family. We all eat dinner together and then some days I go back to the piazza to hang out or I stay in.

Sabina, Siena, Spring 15

Beach day!

Weekends for me are a little different. On many Saturdays we have activities with the whole school, which is great because we can go places for free! For example, two weeks ago we went to the beach for the day. If we don’t go anywhere, I will hang out around town with friends. Siena is a cute, fairly small city so we like to go and get some coffee and walk around. I almost never do that at home, but Siena is the perfect place to just go into the piazza and walk around or people watch.

Sabina, Siena, Spring 15

Hanging out at the bar one night

On Sundays, I usually sleep in ☺ My host family isn’t home in the mornings so I’ll either read in bed for a while or do some homework. For lunch we usually go to my host dad’s parent’s house, which is always delicious. After, depending on the day I’ll go back to read or go into the piazza for a little. If I’m lucky, my host brother will be home on the weekends. I introduced him to pancakes and so now if we’re home together on the weekend we make pancakes together for breakfast.

Sabina, Siena, Spring 15

My host brother enjoying the pancakes

I have loved living here and am very sorry to leave it! I will definitely have to come back to Siena soon.


Sabina is a current student at Muhlenberg College studying at Siena Italian Studies in Italy during the Spring 2015 term.

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