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Bianca, Milan, Spring 2014
April 14, 2014

Below is a list of my top favorite locales, in no particular order. These places are my “go-to” spots when I want to get out of the house. Since there has been better weather I’ve been given the opportunity to visit and see much more that exceed this list.

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Punks Wear Prada Nightclub

Punks Wear Prada Nightclub: This club is my absolute favorite. I am surrounded by people who love fashion and music just as much as I do. The DJ is absolutely amazing and passionate about his job and I’ve made many connections and friends while here that have changed my life forever. I dedicate my Friday nights to this club.

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Parco Sempione

Sempione Park: This gigantic park is filled with locals, tourists and students everyday. They lay out in the sun, have a picnic, play games, workout and everything else you can imagine doing on a nice day. I always go to this park with my friends to have a picnic and listen to music. It is very relaxing and also near the Castle that gives everyone a great view.

Luini’s (the BEST food): Even though the food has probably added on about 15 pounds, they have the best calzones. It is located near the Duomo and is a spot where my friends and I stop during shopping or even after class. I love to eat so this is a grand place to go, and it is very cheap!

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Duomo: The Duomo will always be a favorite of mine. Everyday people sit outside and hangout, it carries a great atmosphere. It is also located in the middle of all the shopping stores. The Duomo itself is something I believe everyone should experience. The details of the building are almost too much for the eyes to handle. But, it proves there is so much beyond what I think someone is capable of creating and the Duomo confirmed that.

La Rinascente: The shopping center is an upscale version of Neiman Marcus. There are levels and levels of many different designers for men, women, children and even dogs. They have everything one would need to create an entire new wardrobe. Once, I got a free manicure with my friends there and a makeover, as well as perfume samples. Their customer service is incredible and their employees work very hard. Even though my budget is not big enough for the store, I learn a lot about what different designers carry in a department store in comparison to their flagship store.

Excelsior: This is another store I love because all of their products are very exclusive. From Nike shoes to handbags, a lot of their products are unavailable outside of Milan. Again, even though I cannot afford most of the products there, I learn of new designers and collaborations every time I visit.

Brera/Corso Como: This area is one of my favorite places because it’s always alive and fun. Many people hang out at bars and walk around. It’s just a fun area to be in before going out or even if one is just hanging with their friends. Most bars get very crowded by a certain time at night, to where the line is outside! But it goes quickly and I always enjoy my time when I am there.

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Navigli: I live a few blocks away from the canals and I love it. There is always something going on and it’s my favorite place to go to if I want to go out but not go far. My favorite aperitivo place there is called Manhattan. They just opened another business next door called Long Island and they have the best food. I strongly advise visiting them!

Fuori Salone: Design week has been very fun for me. I have seen some awesome furniture and exhibitions that taught me a lot. They’ve also inspired me and given me ideas. In comparison to fashion week, it was less exclusive and less hectic as far as getting into different events. It was an easy week for me and I loved it.

Milan Fashion Week: Fashion week was one of my favorite weeks because it was right up my alley. I met tons of people and saw shows, presentations, cocktail parties and I really learned a lot. It exposed me a bit to the real fashion world and I am very thankful for that. It was probably the most exhausting week of my life because I wanted to be involved in everything and I made sure of that. But I would not take one moment back.


Bianca is a student at Stephens College studying at Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Italy during the Spring 2014 term.    

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