Beyond Happy to be in Rome
Ellie, Rome, Fall 2014
October 2, 2014

Revenaugh, E - Fall 14 - Rome

After twelve hours of travel, a few hours of sleep in a not-so-comfortable airplane seat, and the same pair of clothes since the previous morning, I was beyond happy to finally be in Rome. The whole summer I had never fully processed that I would be spending my fall semester in Rome, however the feeling of intimidation and jet-lag quickly caught up with me. My first twenty four hours were full of nerves and anxiety. Never in my life have I felt so completely foreign. I couldn’t communicate with anyone, I didn’t know my way around this massive city, and I couldn’t use my phone to map or call anyone for help. I was incredibly overwhelmed.

Revenaugh, E - Fall 14 - Rome

After getting my luggage and getting shuttled to my apartment, I walked in with apprehension. My apartment was nothing that I expected. The ceilings were high, and the windows were large which allowed in a wonderful breeze. It has the most basic utilities which is all that is needed for a four month stay. After getting a bit settled in, my roommates and I walked to dinner, a typical little (adorable) Italian restaurant in the middle of a “Piazza”. The food was divine, so full of flavors and spices, I could have eaten two whole pizza’s (don’t worry mom, that didn’t happen).

Revenaugh, E - Fall 14 - Rome

Over the next couple of days, SAI and my school, John Cabot University, gave us many orientations which included exploring more of Rome, learning how to figure out the Tram, Bus, and Metra, and even how to speak a little Italian. It has been pure chaos, and my feet are a bit tired, but it has been absolutely worth it. Throughout the past few days of being here, my feeling of being completely overwhelmed have transitioned into awe. Walking around Rome, and especially within the small neighborhood I live (Trastevere), is such an amazing sight. Every street is full of cobblestone and everywhere you look there are small café’s, vendor stands, and little shops. Italians were littered throughout the streets with loud exclamations, both yelling and laughter, but always willing to help out a very lost American. I’m coming to learn and appreciate the hospitable and lax culture that Italy is known for. It forces me to think about how little I cherish the little things, like sitting to enjoy a perfectly crafted cappuccino on my walk to school.

Revenaugh, E - Fall 14 - Rome

I cannot wait for the next four months, and the adventure my future will contain.


Ellie is a current student at Baylor University studying at John Cabot University in Italy during the Fall 2014 term.

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