2 Weeks
Molly, Milan, Spring 2013
April 3, 2013

It’s no surprise that I have completely fallen in love with Milan and the study abroad experience as a whole already. Meeting people from all around the world, getting inspiration from the locals, and exploring a whole new country is just exhilarating. It’s only been two weeks since I have arrived, but it feels like I have been here my whole life. Milan is not what I expected at all. It’s an extremely urbanized city, but still has that old town feel as you walk the streets and notice the amazing old architecture. So far, the Duomo has been one of my favorite places and pieces of architecture. I had seen pictures before, but in real life it’s absolutely stunning in rain or shine. Milan has so much positive energy that it makes me never want to leave.

The classes at NABA are very hands on and the teachers are extremely accommodating and personable. I can’t even begin to explain the amount of talented, unique, friendly people I have met.  I spend the mornings learning and then the afternoons exploring Milan’s hidden gems. The city has so much liveliness even during the cold, winter months. Last Sunday, I attended the annual flea market that is held on the last Sunday of every month. This market is amazing! It’s incredible how many unique items are out there. The market hosts over 100 vendors that sell everything from jewelry to paintings to old telephones. It gathered a huge crowd of all different ages along the gorgeous canal. The flea markets are just a small section of what Milan has to offer. The history, architecture, food, shopping, art, everything Milan has to offer is fascinating and absolutely breathtaking. There are so many things that I have seen and done already, I can’t believe it’s only been two weeks. Until next time, Ciao!

– Molly, University of Missouri – Columbia

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