Those Vespas
Samantha, Sorrento, Spring 2012
February 1, 2012

After only a few weeks of living in Sorrento, I can honestly say I’m enthralled with the Italian lifestyle. I have been blown away by the natural beauty of the country, and the warm, welcoming nature of all the people I’ve met thus far.  The adventure started on the plane from New York City to Naples. After sleeping most of the way over, I woke up to a view of the Italian Alps at dawn: talk about a breathtaking view! Once I landed, I was welcomed by palm trees and flowers, a big change form the snowy hills of upstate New York.

One of the best parts of my study abroad experience thus far has to be the people I’ve met. All of my professors at Sorrento Lingue are extremely invested in my education, and willing to help with both scholastic endeavours and the occasional bout of culture shock. Speaking of culture shock, I’ve been lucky enough to not have had too much experience with it. My host family has been wonderful, having family dinners most every night and always asking if I need anything to ease the transition from America to Italy. The only real difference I have had to get used to is the traffic- those Vespas don’t stop for pedestrians!

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