The Pigeon Chronicles
Jack, Florence, Spring 2019
February 14, 2019

Hello, Dear Reader. I understand you have come here for quality study abroad content. I am sure you have envisioned reading the grand tales of students exploring unfamiliar locations and experiencing unique cultures alien to your own. Well, Dear Reader you can look no further. Settle down and prepare your heart, for this tale you have stumbled across, this analysis of the Italian ecosystem is EXACTLY what you have been looking for. Prego, as the people of this land would say.

Beautiful skyline view of the City of Pigeons itself

What is the topic of this supposedly grand exploration, you ask? Well, Dear Reader if you have made it through the first obstacle of any written article. The ability to read. Congratulations! With your ability to read, you were probably able to decipher the larger words up top as well. That’s exactly right Dear Reader, we will be taking a deep dive into the world of none other than the much loved, often fed, bug-eyed rats of the sky…PIGEONS!

Simply an ancient wall. Or is it?

Are you laughing? Dear Reader, please, this is an incredibly serious study. If only you waded through the same ocean of feathery grey scavengers that I do on a daily basis, you would not dare to let out but a gasp. I truly believe these birds are an experience of the 5 senses. You SEE the birds everywhere you look, and I mean EVERYWHERE. You HEAR the cooing of the noisy buggers in the background of even the most delicate of conversations. The SMELL of pigeons and their environment is a most pungent one. You FEEL and TASTE during the feathery barrage that happens during a common pigeon divebomb or flyby. As I said. A full sensory experience. Let me tell you, the pigeons of the city are ballsy indeed. They feel at level with us humans you see. They may retreat slightly at our approach, but they will not hesitate to furiously flap in front of our very noses. There is much more I could say about these wonders of the sky, but instead let us carry on with an analysis of the creatures.

A rare white pigeon

I had the delightful opportunity to visit Rome this last weekend and my goodness Dear Reader, what a city strife with history, beauty and culture. A truly incredible experience to see ruins from civilisations thousands of years old. As you can see from the picture on the right I was in fact admiring some ancient ruins. The beautiful ancient brick overtaken by nature. I was suddenly taken aback when I noticed this was actually a nest for these sky rats. I implore you Dear Reader to look once more at this picture. They blend in well but soon they start to multiply, and they are impossible not to miss. I retreated quickly.

What’s that? You don’t believe that this is a pigeon? Dear Reader, I had the exact same thought when I laid eyes upon this unique creature. To the bird’s right sat his commonly grey brothers and sisters. This pigeon, lets call him Nigel, stood out from the crowd however like a glimmer of light in a dark cave. Nigel knew that he was special for he walked with a confidence that no pigeon should have. He had no fear of incoming feet or screaming children, he simply stood his ground. Dear Reader, I will admit that I struggle to display distaste for this winged creature for it truly shined. This White Wonder was by the Duomo so I have no choice but to claim that this Pigeon is in fact Saint Nigel the White. A rare sight indeed.


Can you see it?

I can see that you are confused Dear Reader. I hear you say, “But Jack, I thought this article is about pigeons? This is simply a photo of a beautiful girl in front of a beautiful building.” Dear Reader, do not fret, I too thought that this picture was simply an innocent capture of my darling girlfriend in front of the wondrous St. Peter’s Basilica. It appears nothing is sacred to these vile creatures however, not even our loved ones. Have they no honour? No spine? I see now that this is simply all-out war. I had no idea at the time, it makes me shudder to think we were so close to being victims of a fatal winged rat attack. Look closely Dear Reader. A little to the right. Do you see it? Conniving and preparing its murderous conquest. This, Dear Reader, is a Sneaker Pigeon. Look at your photos and you will find evidence of one somewhere. Look very closely. They are there and they are ready. But were you? ARE you? Be vigilant Dear Reader, this is a dangerous world and the game is very much on.

The Pigeon Chronicler

Thank you for reading The Pigeon Chronicles. I hope you enjoyed, but furthermore I hope you learned something and are now wary of this secret war that so few know of. Be safe Dear Reader.

Until the next Pigeon Chronicles,
Jack Coning

Jack is a SAI Florence spring 2019 student from Georgia College and State University.

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