Visit My Favorite Places With Me!
Kolbyn, Milan, Spring 2017
March 7, 2017

Now that I have been in Milan for two months, I have made my way around the city and discovered some of my favorite spots. Most of these spots, I frequent, but some are little shops, go on walks to, or just visit on a nice afternoon. The first of my favorite spots is the city center where the Duomo is. There are many gelato shops that I would recommend to everyone, because gelato is amazing. My next favorite spot is Castello Sforzesco. I am a huge fan of fifteenth century history and anything that has do with castles. It is a great place to walk around and contains many different museums, including Michelangelo’s last sculpture.

At the pond in Parco Sempione, I tried to make friends with the ducks.

Another place to walk around is Parco Sempione; it is right next to the castle. The park has its own pond and walking paths. There are ducks that sit on the pond and there are always people sitting on the grass enjoying the day and having picnics. Speaking of eating, my favorite aperitivo place is Farmacia Alcoholica. It is a cute little restaurant with the best and largest assortment of appetizers. This restaurant is on the Naviglio Pavese Canal, another of my favorite spots. This canal leads the way from my apartment towards the city center. Along the canal are many shops, restaurants and hidden treasures like the murals on the canal stairways. My favorite shop along the Naviglio Pavese is Sous Vintage Shop. I love vintage finds ever since I worked at Goodwill. This is the largest vintage shop that I have found in Milan and they have everything from vintage designer to awesome Levi’s denim jackets.

These are remnants from different buildings all over Milan. They have been collected and left in the courtyard of Castello Sforzesco to be on display.

Another favorite shop on the walk to the city center is more of a food stand than a shop. There is a churro and donut stand that has my heart. Their churros are only one euro each and they are filled with caramel and coated in sugar. They are the perfect warm treat for a chilly walk back home. I have also had time to explore other areas in Milan, such as Brera. There is an art supply store that I consider a favorite because I have visited there so many times for supplies for my Layout and Visualization class. There is also a market in that area every Tuesday that supports local artisans. I purchased a gift for my mom there this Tuesday! My last couple favorites are close to home, Romolo Station, the metro station that is a short walk from my apartment and can get me anywhere in the city, and of course, NABA, the amazing school that I attend.


Arco della Pace, at the end of the park. It was originally built to celebrate Napoleon’s victories.

Kolbyn is a SAI Milan spring 2017 student from Kansas State University.

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