4 Places to Inspire Any Artist
Clau, SAI Milan
September 29, 2016

Milan offers more than fashion shows and design fairs. Beyond fashion weeks and design week, Milan offers a myriad of ‘secret locations’ and activities to inspire any creative. Below are four of our favorite, but you can discover more on the SAI Milan blog.

Claudia Milan

  1. La Vigna di Leonardo: Landmark location frequented by Leonardo da Vinci, across from Santa Maria delle Grazie.
  2. Cimitero Monumentale: Be inspired by the number of artistic tombs and monuments designed by famous artists and architects.
  3. Pausa Caffe: Coffee breaks are a must in Italy. They offer a time to reflect, observe and hopefully inspire.
  4. Trolley Rides: Ride one of the historical 1920 Milan streetcars by taking the 1, 5, 10 or 33 lines.

Let us know how your study abroad host home inspires you! – email us at milan@saiprograms.com.

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