How to Expand Career Options with a Career Certificate?
May 13, 2020

Changing Careers? Or Job Hunting? Looking for Opportunities to Meet the New Challenges?

In these uncertain times, reviewing career choices and exploring new ones can open new doors and accelerate your career path. Earning a Career Certificate can facilitate a rapid change to an exciting career.

Consider a Career Certificate that gives you an international focus from several growing fields:

  • Culinary Arts: Chef Training, Baking and Pastry
  • Wine Studies & Enology
  • Hospitality Management
  • Tourism and Event Management
  • Fashion Design and Merchandising
  • Photography, and Digital Media

Career experts report that individuals change jobs an average of 13 times and of those, 7 are career changes. Some changes are unintended and others are decisive career management movements. Either way, planned or unplanned change requires new and updated skills and knowledge. Choosing a growth industry and enrolling in a Career Certificate with a global focus, is the perfect combination for success.  SAI’s partner school in Florence, Italy, Florence University of the Arts (FUA) is the ideal setting to earn a career certificate while connecting with business professionals in an international setting.

Fashion, Design, Merchandising & Media

Career Certificates, beyond a degree or in place of a degree, can prepare you for a new job or career. Career Certificate programs consist of a cluster of courses and professionally oriented learning activities focused on developing a set of skills and knowledge that prepare you for a new job or a new career that lead to employment and/or job promotions. Career Certificates build strong resumes, with credentials that demonstrate essential professional and industry-related skills.

Publishing, Visual Communication

Publishing, Visual Communication

Employers look for job seekers with proven adaptability, independence, and problem- solving skills. It is well known that international experiences lead to increased resilience and understanding of other cultures and the global economy. Pursuing a Career Certificate in Florence, Italy through SAI will expand your horizons and make you a stronger candidate for employment.

Wine Studies & Enology

Photography, Wine Studies – By L. Roderigues, SAI Alumni

Employers look for job seekers with global experiences. Earning a Career Certificate in Florence, Italy will make you a preferred candidate to many employers. Studies show that job seekers with global experience are likely to have higher starting salaries.

Earning a FUA (Florence University of the Arts) Career Certificate through SAI will:

  • help you go beyond having just a job to embarking on a career path;
  • provide a concentration of new skills and knowledge;
  • build a body of work and professional experience in an international environment;
  • add a credential and build your international resume;
  • accelerate a new career or better define a current career;
  • result in greater recognition by employers; and
  • exemplify global knowledge and international expertise.
Culinary Arts: Chef Training, Baking and Pastry

Culinary Arts: Chef Training, Baking and Pastry

The FUA Career Certificate Programs, offered through SAI, are unique for their combination of learning and practice applied to the dynamic local economy of Florence, Italy, AND prepare you for a new career or career advancement.

As we rethink the future, we can consider how to re-shape our career paths.  Resources like SAI can help you decide what career path is best for you. Just remember that Career Certificates can:

  1. increase your lifetime earnings (studies report amounts nearly $120,000)
  2. cost less than a degree
  3. make your resume more appealing
  4. identify you as a person willing to take on new challenges
  5. help you gain a competitive edge.

Please read the SAI blog: Career Certificates: FAQs and visit the SAI FUA Career Certificates page. For more information, please Contact Us to discuss your current situation, career goals, and new opportunities offered by SAI.

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