My Fashion Trip in Italy
Zhenan, SAI Ambassador
September 12, 2018

SAI Ambassador Zhenan answered some questions about his summer in Milan.  Read what he has to say: 

What is your favorite memory from studying abroad?
My favorite memory is the memory with my friends. We met with each other during the abroad program. We were all from different countries. When we went together somewhere after class, we would share  opinions with each other, opinions about the class, opinions about Milan or the opinion about our home country. Which is very unique, because each country has a different culture about design and fashion.


How did your study abroad experience enhance your knowledge/skills/understanding of your intended career field?
The class I took was in accessories design and during the class our professor taught us how to sketch and design shoes and bags.  In even just 10 days, my sketch skill improved a lot, and this class make me know more about the design major, what is design and what kinds of mind you need for design. The professor designed for Versace before, so he was great to learn from!


Accessories Design Class with my professors

What was your favorite class abroad and why?
The Accessories Design course was my favorite. First, we had two professors for this class and they were very nice and knowledgeable, which made me really want to learn something about design from them. Second, all the classmates from this class were really nice as well and our relationship was very nice, and we learn about each other’s cultures.

With my two Favorite Friends

Zhenan was a summer 2018 SAI Milan student from Auburn University.

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