Real Estate Internship Barcelona- DO IT!!!!!
Lillie, Summer 2021, Barcelona
September 21, 2021

Hi everyone!

My name is Lillie Wilcox and I’m currently about to finish up my summer internship with Max Ricart, a luxury real estate firm in Barcelona. If you are thinking about doing an internship with SAI but aren’t sure….. DO IT!!!!

Roommates and I in Nice, France

This has been the most amazing experience I have ever had, both professionally and just personally. The company was extremely flexible with hours so I was still able to travel with everyone in my program on the weekends (I was the only one doing an internship and all of my friends/roommates were taking classes at UAB- they also had an amazing experience, I should note). I also had my afternoons free to explore Barcelona, so I wasn’t spending all my days working.

Sunset pics with my friends :)

I was able to travel around Spain (Sevilla, Ibiza, Roses, Canary Islands) and Europe (France, Greece, and Italy)! In my internship, I had the opportunity to tour houses and flats, work on the company’s marketing efforts, create inventories, work on some translating for the companies website, and dive more into the behind-the-scenes world of real estate. The staff was so wonderful and helpful and made every effort to make me feel welcomed.

My friends and I getting dinner in Ibiza!

Coming into this internship I really didn’t know much Spanish and through some classes and the help of my coworkers, I have learned more than I could even imagine. Beyond just the professional aspect of studying abroad, I had the opportunity to travel and really immerse myself in the culture through meeting new people, eating amazing food, and learning the beautiful language.

Coworkers and I at my internship

SAI (shoutout to Sandrine and Maurizio) planned the most fun activities for us (food tours, hikes, a catamaran, etc) and I grew a lot as a person. I recommend this experience wholeheartedly! :)

Exploring a vineyard in Spain.

Lillie was a Summer 2021 Barcelona student from the University of South Carolina.

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