Sustainability & Environment Courses Abroad
August 23, 2021

Europe is recognized for promoting sustainable development at a global level; indeed Europeans benefit from some of the highest environmental standards in the world. As the world turns its attention this fall to the UN Climate Change Conference, COP26 held in Europe, we recognize the importance of understanding environmental sustainability from various global perspectives. Studying abroad with SAI in Europe will offer you the opportunity to develop a strong understanding of environmental sustainability. Not only do we offer an array of courses that focus on these exciting topics, but you will also be able to delve into environmental sustainability through volunteering, internships, and even earn a Global Leadership Certificate.

Students can study biodiversity on the Amalfi Coast (photo by Kelsie Brown, SAI Sorrento student)

Following are some notable sustainability and environment courses that are offered at our various locations.

Milan, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Pre-COP26 is being held in Milan in September 2021, making it an exciting destination, as courses can reflect on the work accomplished in preparatory stages of COP26.

  • Green Management & Sustainability
  • Green is the New Black:Asset and Appeal of the Value Environment in Business
  • Purpose Brands: Transforming and Communicating for a Sustainable Change
  • Social and Eco Entrepreneurship
  • Geopolitics and technological changes: the future today

Rome, John Cabot University
As Italy’s capital city, and a stunning cross-section of ancient and modern, Rome offers a powerful place to study the environment – right where many important decisions are being made.

  • Global Warming
  • Energy and the Environment
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Science and Urban Ecology
  • Media and the Environment
  • Writing for Advocacy: Climate Crisis

Florence, Florence University of the Arts
Delve into sustainable food systems in the heart of Tuscany, where culinary traditions are intimately connected with local farming and production.

  • Grow Green and Learn Italian
  • Ethics and Justice in Food Systems
  • The Italian Food Industry: from Farm to Table
  • Grow, Cook, Heal: Therapy for Wellbeing

Paris, American University of Paris
As the host of COP21 in 2015, and the site in which the world agreed to the Paris Agreement, Paris has become an important place for climate research and entrepreneurship.

  • Environmental Science
  • Waters of the Globe
  • Physics of Natural & Unnatural Disasters

Sorrento, Sant’Anna Institute
Situated on the Amalfi Coast, marine life, and its conservation, is intertwined with daily life in Sorrento. Students have ample opportunities for hands-on experience with marine sustainability, through coursework, internships, and volunteering. 

  • Sustainability
  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Conservation

Siena, SIS Intercultural Study Abroad
SAI students in Siena experience an immersion into Italian life and culture, and come to understand the Italian perspective on issues such as the environment in a way that is authentic and lasting.

  • A Green Renaissance: Sustainable Development in Siena and Tuscany
  • Flora and Fauna of Italy

SAI Rome students exploring the countryside

Internships in Environment & Sustainability
If you’re looking for professional experience in the fields of sustainability and the environment, among our various internship options, the following may be of particular interest:

  • Sicily, Italy (Syracuse Academy): internships in biodiversity, environmental protection, and marine exploration.
  • Sorrento, Italy (Sant’Anna Institute): internships in marine preservation, nutrition and community health, food waste, and geology.

Volunteering in Environment & Sustainability
Service learning and volunteering helps to deepen and broaden any study abroad experience. All SAI programs offer service opportunities in various areas, each aligned to the specific region and program focus. Service opportunities include community nutrition, environmental protection, and land clean-up. Please contact SAI Admissions to learn more about each location’s service options.

Global Leadership Certificate
SAI offers the Global Leadership Certificate (GLC) in select locations, as an added credential from a semester of study abroad. Students in this SAI Certificate Program broaden their awareness of global issues and deepen their knowledge of the local host community’s role in an increasingly interconnected world through exploration of research, engagement in community services and interaction with experts and leaders.

SAI students visit a sustainable farm in Umbria

Have questions about which program is the best fit for you? Reach out to an Admissions Counselor at 800-655-8965,, or find us on LiveChat.

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