Spring Break, the Study Abroad Way!
Kolbyn, Milan, Spring 2017
May 9, 2017

Since I am currently in the Eastern Hemisphere, I had greater access to a wide variety of awesome countries to choose from for my spring break trip. I have never been on an actual spring break trip so that was a first too. I chose to go up North and visit London, England and Edinburgh, Scotland. I was so excited to visit two very historical cities, being that I am a history buff. Some of the highlights of my spring break experience are the following:

Phone booth in London

London Spots:

  • The Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Visiting the actual location of the Broad Street Pump
  • My first aquarium experience
  • Abbey Road Studios

Walking across the Abbey Road Studios crosswalk

Edinburgh Spots:

  • Edinburgh Castle
  • Holyrood Palace
  • Climbing the Salisbury Crags and up to Arthur’s Seat
  • Baked potatoes at Spudulike

The valley of the Salisbury Crags

I spent nearly three hours exploring the V&A Museum, it was probably my most favorite part in London. I had always wanted to visit, adding it to my top favorite museums in the world, alongside the Metropolitan in New York. Hiking in Edinburgh was probably my favorite part about that city because the sights were just incredible. At the top, there was a view you couldn’t beat (even though the strong wind almost knocked me down a couple of times), it was an adventure.

The incredible view from Arthur’s Seat

I am sure I didn’t see absolutely everything that the cities had to offer. The people were so friendly and the environment, so inviting. These are two places I would most definitely love to visit again in the future.

– Kolbyn was a spring 2017 SAI Milan student from Kansas State University.

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